GA TAPP Program Requirements



Criteria For Selection

The Candidate Must:

  • Hold a college degree in a related field.
  • Have a GPA of 2.5 or higher in all college level work from a PSC approved college
  • Pass GACE Basic Skills Assessment or meet exemption requirements
  • Be employed by a public school system as a teacher
  • Arrange with local system a method of payment of the program fees
  • Not have completed a teacher education program or held any type of teaching certificate in any state

Certification Level

Intern (I Certificate)

Process for Application

Provide Metro RESA with:

A completed application packet which includes:

  • Metro RESA GA TAPP application
  • Transcripts from all colleges attended
  • Copy of GACE Basic Skills Assessment scores (or SAT, ACT, or GRE scores high enough to exempt this requirement)
  • Current resume
  • Two letter of reference (from someone other than a relative)
  • A $50.00 processing fee

Participate in:

  • An orientation session (if selected from a paper screening)




DEMONSTRATION OF KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND DISPOSITIONS:  The program shall require the demonstration of competencies in the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required for accomplished teaching.

  • Portfolio
  • Classroom Observations with Pre/Post-Conferences with Beginning Teacher Support Team
  • Individual Induction Plan
  • Transcripts for completion of all Georgia Special Requirements courses
  • 80 hours:  The Essentials of Effective Teaching course- $300 course fee*
  • 200 Hours:  Field-based, Individualized

      Coaching, Mentoring

  • Up to 250 hours in completing all of the Georgia Special Requirements classes
  • Monthly Seminars- One night per month


Portfolio with rubrics for scoring based on Danielson’s Frameworks scored at the Proficient performance level

Length of program

2 Years

August through June



Year 1: $1750 due October 2 plus $1000 Mentor Stipend paid to mentor at the end of  year 1*


Year 2:  $1750 due September 3 plus $500 Mentor Stipend paid to the mentor at the end of year 2*


*All fees are subject to change based on enrollment and are non-refundable



The system submits the official transcripts and requests a Clear-Renewable certificate to the Professional Standards Commission

 ** Program Guidelines apply only to those entering Alternative Certification Programs for 2006-2007.

Contact Information: