Recently there have been a number of questions regarding Leadership Pay and Leadership Certification. We would like to address these issues with the information that we have to this point. 

 There have been several salaries studies, at the Governor’s request, by state agencies to gather information regarding the number of educators holding leadership certificates but not currently in leadership positions.  This action has caused educators to be concerned regarding possible salary changes.  First, you should know there has been no change to the Georgia Department of Education rule that states that educators will be paid on their highest certificate level.  You can view this rule by going to go to rules and scroll down to rule 160-5-2-.04 “State Salaries and Supplements.”  Under this rule, educators are paid on their highest certificate level regardless of their assignment in the school system.

 Next, as you know the Georgia Professional Standards Commission governs educator certification rules.  To date, there has been no change to the Leadership Certification rule.  However, there have been recent changes to the Educator Preparation rules.  The Educator Preparation rules govern colleges and universities.  To view the new PSC rules go to and click on new rules.  The new rule that is the most significant appears to be rule 505-3-.58 “Education Leadership Program.” The new rule took effect in April 2007 and is used to determine if higher education leadership programs will be accepted by the PSC for certification purposes.  When you go to the PSC website, click on new rules and then click on Educator Preparation rules and then scroll down to rule 505-3-.58.  Click on the number to see the full text of the rule.  This is a lengthy rule and it provides for a change in the requirements for specialists and doctorial leadership programs.  The rule states in part:

 1.      To receive approval of the specialist’s degree or higher level preparation program, a state approved professional education unit shall offer a performance-based preparation program described in program planning forms, catalogs, syllabi addressing the following:

 (i)   Candidate Admission- Candidates are required to hold either a master’s degree from a state approved master’s program in leadership or any other PSC approved master’s level (accredited) program; having a passing score on the GACE Leadership assessment; and hold a leadership position either at the school building or system level. 

 This is a significant change in the Education Preparation rule and we anticipate that changes in the Leadership Certification rule will follow. This rule change appears to effect those educators not yet enrolled in a specialist or doctorial leadership program and will require the colleges and universities to make changes to their admissions program. 

 One of the next proposed rules that will come up for discussion at the Georgia Professional Standards Commission will be regarding the Leadership Certification Rule.  It is not yet clear how the proposed rule will read.   

 Once the proposed PSC rule is announced, PSC will post it on their website for all to review.  PAGE will send out a notice on the listserve to all our members to alert them to read the proposed rule on Leadership Certification and comment.  The public will have 30 days to comment.  PAGE will submit written comment and also request that PSC hold a pubic hearing regarding this issue so that all concerned educators may speak before the PSC Board members.  


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