Gifted Endorsement Program


The Gifted Endorsement Program provides teachers with the skills to recognize and assess the gifted learner as well as develop curriculum, programs methods and strategies to teach diverse groups.


The target audience for these classes consists of master teachers with a minimum of three years experience that have been recommended into the program by school administrators. 


Candidate criteria are as follows:

  • Clear renewable teaching certificate*
  • Satisfactory annual evaluations
  • Commitment to develop methods and materials for use with the gifted
  • Mature, experienced, self-confident
  • Willingness to learn skills to work with high level learners
  • Capable of teaching higher cognitive thinking skills
  • Relates well to high achievers
  • Imaginative and flexible
  • Approval of designated school administrator and the system-level curriculum director and/or gifted coordinator

* If you will be teaching gifted students, you must apply for a provisional gifted certificate through your human resources officer.


West Georgia RESA is committed to provide a high quality program that is standards-based, results-driven and focused on quality work of educators.


To become a candidate for West Georgia RESA's gifted endorsement program, one must complete and submit an application.  This application must be signed by both the school principal and the central office designee and then submitted to RESA prior to being accepted in the program.


In the four course sequence candidates must successfully complete the Characteristics of the Gifted course as a prerequisite for any of the other courses and Curriculum and Program Development for Gifted as the final course. 


We welcome your interest in our gifted classes.  For more information regarding our class offerings, you may contact Dr. Barbara Bishop at 770-583-2528 or email her at


Candidate Application Form


Gifted Endorsement Program Handbook


To view a list of scheduled gifted endorsement classes, click here.

West Georgia RESA does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, sex, age, veteran status, disability. It is our intention that all qualified applications be given equal opportunity. Enrollment decisions are based on job-related factors. If you wish to submit a formal request to appeal a program or course decision, please complete this form and submit it to our Executive Director.