Celebrating our 37th Year!

Founded in 1982, McRae has extensive experience in conference planning, registration, and exhibition management. We allow you to focus on the substance of your program while McRae exceeds your expectations in handling the logistics of your event. Your members, registrants, and exhibitors are your most precious resource. McRae will enhance their experience by delivering unmatched service.

The McRae Team 


 Jeff Eacker 
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Q:  Jeff, what guides your approach to client relationships?
A:  We are firmly committed to doing the right thing for our clients.  Our fundamental goal is to help achieve success for those we serve; and we do that through understanding each client organization's strategic direction and becoming deeply vested in their long-term prosperity.  We will not compromise our principles for financial gain or expediency.  This promotes trust and leads to enduring partnerships. 

 Connie Bond
Project Manager
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Q:  What keeps you motivated?
A:  Our exhibitors!  I love finding solutions that make it easier for them to do business.  Building their business; that is why they exhibit, right?  This brings exhibitors and sponsors back year after year!

 Martha Eacker
 Account Manager
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Q:  Martha, what sets McRae apart?
A:  Our people make the difference for our clients!  McRae has a talented and energetic team of meeting professionals with extensive experience -- and their enthusiasm is contagious! 
   Amy Williams
 Project Manager
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Q:  Amy, how can registration make a conference "unforgettable?"
A:  An attendee hardly notices the registration process, unless it is confusing or mishandled.  Then an attendee never forgets it.  We take a creative approach to the many unique attendee requests, we try to say "yes" without compromising conference integrity.