Reading Endorsement
(150 Contact Hours, 15 PLUs, Certification Add-on)
Middle Georgia RESA GaPSC approved Reading Endorsement for a total of 15 PLUs.  MGRESA offers the three courses to earn a Reading Endorsement. This program endeavors to abide by and provide expertise in accordance with the PSC rule 505-3-.96 READING ENDORSEMENT PROGRAM
Candidate admission to the MGRESA Endorsement Program requires the following:
  • A valid, level 4 or higher Induction, Professional, Advanced Professional, or Lead Professional teaching certificate, leadership certificate, service field certificate is required for program admission.
Candidates must register online under Online Registration for each course of the Reading Endorsement and follow the link to print the application for system approval.
Endorsement Application

This is a job-embedded program. Candidates must practice skills with students.  

Endorsement Required Materials:
Billmeyer, R.  Literacy and Learning: A Trilogy 3 Book Set (Contains all three volumes of the Literacy and Learning Set). Available:

Vol. I - Strategic Reading in the Content Areas

Vol. II - Strategies to Engage the Mind of the Learner, Building Strategic Learners 

Vol. III - Capturing All of the Reader Through the Reading Assessment System

Johns & Piper (2017). Basic Reading Inventory - 12th Edition. Kendall-Hunt Publishing.     

Course 1:  Foundations of Teaching Reading

Course Description

This course is designed to provide and extend candidates’ knowledge of the reading process by examining theory and research as a foundation for making instructional decisions for planning and implementing effective literacy programs. In order to inform such decision-making, candidates will explore current issues, materials, strategies, and approaches to teaching reading to P-12 children in our pluralistic society.


Course 2: Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas

Course Description

This course is designed to provide candidates with a conceptual and instructional framework based for teaching reading and writing in the content areas.  Realizing that much of what is read involves informational texts (e.g., books, magazines, newspaper, instructions, directions, textbooks, guides, and other content sources) this course will provide candidate with research-based strategies for to help readers comprehend such text structures.  Essential to this course is interrelationship between reading and writing in grades P-12.
Prerequisites:  Foundations of Teaching Reading

Course 3:  Reading Assessment, Diagnosis and Evaluation

Course Description 

This course is designed to provide candidates with knowledge of theoretical models, methods, and materials of literacy assessment. Such knowledge will provide candidates with the framework needed to administer assessments, and use the information from formal and informal measures to develop appropriate literacy instruction that meets the needs of every student in P-12 classrooms. Critical to this course is the candidates’ need to reflect on personal beliefs about reading assessment and the relationship to their own teaching and learning. This course requires a 15 hour practicum experience.
Prerequisites:  Foundations of Teaching Reading

                          Teaching of Reading and Writing  


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