Metro RESA GA TAPP Program Details

Certification Level

Induction (IN4T Certificate)

Applicant must have two full years left on their IN4T certificate to be approved for the program (or one year and a letter from the system indicating that a Waiver will be requested)

Process for Application

If you are employed and need to join a certification program, our window to apply opens on Sept. 15, 2018.  


Provide Metro RESA with a completed application packet which includes:

  • Metro RESA GA TAPP application 
  • Official college transcript documenting that applicant holds a related degree to subject teaching (unless certifying in Special Education, General Curriculum or Early Childhood Education). A 2.75 GPA on a Bachelor's Degree is required for program admission.
  • Copy of GACE Program Admissions Assessment (formely Basic Skills) (OR SAT, ACT, GRE scores high enough to exempt OR passing Praxis I scores prior to September 1, 2006) Exemption criteria 
  • Copy of GACE Content Assessment scores (or Praxis II Content prior to September 1, 2006) 
  • To determine appropriate Content Assessments: 


  • GACE Georgia Educator Ethics- Program Entry (350)
  • Current resume
  • Two letters of reference (character reference from someone other than a relative)
  • A $75.00 processing fee (All fees are the responsibility of the candidate)
  • Participate in an orientation session (if selected from a paper screening)


DEMONSTRATION OF KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND DISPOSITIONS:  The program shall require the demonstration of competencies in the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required for accomplished teaching.

  • Portfolio
  • Classroom Observations with Pre/Post-Conferences with Candidate Support Team
  • Individual Induction Plan
  • Transcripts for completion of all Georgia Special Requirements courses
  • 80 hour course: The Essentials of Effective Teaching - Summer 2017: $600 course fee (All fees are the responsibility of the candidate) Required the summer prior to full program admittance
  • 100-150 Hours:  Field-based, Individualized Coaching/Mentoring
  • Seminars
  • Special Education GA TAPP teachers must also‚Ķ


  •   EdTPA to be completed during the third semester
  •   Observations by RESA assigned Supervisor scored at the Proficient performance level
  •   E-portfolio based on Danielson's Frameworks scored at the Proficient performance level
  •   Disposition rubrics scored at the Proficient level
  •  Learning segments scored at the "meets" level
  •   Completed appropriate Advisement Sheet

Length of program

2 Years

August through June


Year 1: Please review "Program Fees - Comprehensive GA TAPP" link on previous welcome page.

Year 2:  Please review "Program Fees - Comprehensive GA TAPP" link on previous welcome page.

  • All fees are subject to change based on enrollment and are non-refundable
  • All fees are the responsibility of the candidate



The system submits the official transcripts and request for a Clear-Renewable certificate to the Professional Standards Commission.

Applicants should understand:

  • Metro RESA is NOT able to guarantee applicants who have completed the eligibility requirements a position in schools. The Metro RESA program supports area school systems by screening potential teacher candidates who want to pursue Alternative Certification. 
  • The process for selecting potential candidates for GA TAPP is applicable to the METRO RESA AREA SERVICE ONLY. 



Please view Steps for Eligibility for Metro RESA GA TAPP.

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