President's Welcome

Kendall Hill, Tull Hill Farms

President 2013-2014




As President, and on behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to welcome you to the NC Agribusiness Council website.  Membership investment in NCAg means that you are helping to strengthen the voice of NC's Agribusiness Industry, which contributes $77 billion to North Carolina’s economy and employs 642,000 (17%) of North Carolinians.

Membership in the NC Agribusiness Council is all about helping give a unified voice to the those of us who work in the industry that provides food, clothing and shelter.- and assist in making our members - AgPoliticos.  Advocating for our constituents, our membership, with elected officials in promoting policies that will help us do business as opposed to making it more difficult is paramount to the NC Agribusiness Council.  But it is more important that members of the Agribusiness Industry become better informed and more vocal with elected officials.  That is why the NC Agribusiness Council works hard to help its members become an AgPolitico. 

Members of NCAg are given the Three Key Elements for being an Effective AgPolitico - Knowledge, Input, and Voice 

KNOWLEDGE - AgPoliticos need to easily and quickly "be in the know" about what is happening, as it is happening - both in Raleigh, NC and Washington, DC. Of course, we understand how busy you are in your daily operations, which is why NCAg also works very hard to keep its members informed of news that affects the Agribusiness Industry.  We know that you do not always have time to search the internet and read all the state’s newspapers and industry magazines – so we do it for you. The Daily AgPost, which is emailed to you each morning, provides links to various stories in the media as well as announcements from various government agencies.  And the AgNews Update is a weekly electronic newsletter, that summarizes the past weeks news.  Both the Daily AgPost and the Weekly AgNews Update should help keep you abreast of news, announcements and information important to you and the NC Agribusiness Industry. 

INPUT - AgPoliticos provide input and opinions about proposed legislation from AgLeaders - enabling a unified voice for NC Agribusiness. NCAg members are encouraged to frequently provide input through various surveys, and legislative committee meetings. And NCAg events are designed to encourage member participation and personal input - through townhall meeting formats, round table discussions and lots of one-on-one face time with fellow members as well as elected officials.

VOICE - AgPoliticos communicate efficiently and effectively with the appropriate elected officials on pending legislation and regulations. The NC Agribusiness Council offers many opportunities to network with both state and federal elected officials as well as other Agribusiness Leaders.  If you are a member of the North Carolina Agribusiness Council, I hope you will take time out of your busy schedule to attend any of the various events that NCAg holds throughout the year.  Some events, such as AgDay at the NC General Assembly, the Council’s AgLeaders Banquet and Candidates Forums are held in Raleigh, our state’s capitol. Other events, such as the Congressional AgForums are designed to accommodate NCAg members, by hosting events throughout North Carolina - which means at least one event should be close to your location.

So again, welcome to the NC Agribusiness Council website. I look forward to seeing you soon at an NCAg event and working with you to ensure the NC Agribusiness Industry has a unified voice for our industry. And if you are not a member of NCAg, please consider clicking on the link above and join today.



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