AgRaffle 2011

2011 AgRaffle tickets are $100 each and are sold by NCAg Board Members. To purchase your 2011 AgRaffle ticket, call 919.782.4063 and you will be connected to an NCAg Board Member who still has tickets to sell. The theme of the 2011 AgRaffle is “The Gift that Keeps on Giving”- and each ticket includes a chance to win $3000, plus each ticket comes with a "value-added gift" (see below). The drawing for the 2011 AgRaffle will be held on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 and will be posted on "YouTube" with a link on the NCAg website.  Only 500 tickets will be sold and proceeds from the AgRaffle go to pay for special events and programs for which the NC Agribusiness Council is unable to solicit sponsorships. The AgRaffle is a virtual event - nowhere to go, no need to dress up - just view drawing on "YouTube" if you choose.


Watch the AgRaffle 2011 Drawing



 2011 Winner - Carolyn Murchison of Murchison Farms - Sanford NC, purchased the 2011 winning ticket from NCAg Past President Pender Sharp of Sharp Farms


Watch the AgRaffle 2010 Drawing

2010 Winner - Dan Kornegay of Kornegay Farms, purchased the 2010 winning ticket from NCAg Vice President, Kendall Hill of Tull Hill Farms.

Watch the AgRaffle 2009 Drawing

2009 Winner - Randy Rinker of Rinker Systems, purchased the 2009 winning ticket from NCAg Board Member Randall Patterson of Patterson Farm.



1 ticket = $100

includes Associate NCAg Membership ($50 value-added gift) 


5 tickets = $500

includes 1 week AgNews Sponsorship ($250 value-added gift) 


10 tickets = $1000

includes 1 week AgNews Sponsorship & 5 Daily AgPost Sponsorships ($500 value-added gift)


20 tickets = $2000

includes 2 weeks AgNews Sponsorship & 10 Daily AgPost Sponsorships ($1000 value-added gift)


To participate in the AgRaffle, you must be 21 year of age.  You do not have to be present to win.  Proceeds benefit the NC Agribusiness Council, Inc. a 501 (c) 6 non profit organization.  NC Agribusiness Council reserves the right to refund if the drawing is not held.  Winners of prizes are responsible for taxes.




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