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The North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association (NCVMA) is a professional organization of veterinarians dedicated to compassionate animal care and quality medicine.  The NCVMA seeks to enhance health and welfare for all animals and supports shelters throughout North Carolina in their efforts to control, house and treat unowned, stray and relinquished animals.

Proposals are solicited from public and private animal shelters, as defined by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services Veterinary Division.  The NCVMA is offering a one-time grant of up to $2500 to assist North Carolina shelters in making improvements and to ensure shelters are in compliance with the NC Department of Agriculture inspection guidelines.  Monies may only be used to make necessary repairs to housing facilities and primary enclosures or to make necessary facility upgrades that support animal welfare in the shelter.  Grant monies from the NCVMA may not be used for personnel expenditures or for medications.

Proposal Format

   1. Title Page
   2. Include name of shelter facility.
   3. Address
   4. Name of shelter director, manager or appropriate contact person, NC licensed shelter veterinarian of record.
   5. Include primary telephone number, fax and email address.
   6. Shelters requesting grant money must provide a report detailing the inadequacies of the shelter and its facility.
   7. Provide a brief description of how the grant monies will be utilized.   
   8. Provide current fiscal year budget.                                                             9. Provide an estimate of anticipated purchases and estimated expenses. The budget should be in sufficient detail to allow reviewers to assess adequacy for completion of the project. If other monies will be utilized in the project (eg. private funding, matching county funds), include the amount and source.
 10. Preferred method of submission is electronically to: 

Review Process and Dispersal of Funds

Grants proposals are reviewed on a continuing basis by the NCVMA Animal Welfare Committee.  Grants/grant amounts will be awarded based on financial and physical need. Successful applicants will be notified by email or telephone after the review process.  

A copy of a follow up animal shelter department of agriculture inspection report or a report detailing the work’s completion should be forwarded by the shelter to the NCVMA. We encourage shelters to take before and after photos within 30 days of receiving grant money and submit to the NCVMA.

Direct all questions and correspondence to:

Claire Holley, Executive Director
North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association
1611 Jones Franklin Road, #108
Raleigh, NC 27606
919-851-5850/fax 919-851-5859





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