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Hurricane Preparedness for Your Pets NCVMA members Dr. Mandy Tolson, southeastern region emergency programs veterinarian and NCVRC coordinator for NCDA&CS emergency programs, and Dr. Jimmy Tickel, northeastern regional emergency programs veterinarian for NCDA&CS programs, provide advice to help families prepare their pets for a hurricane before it hits as well as how to keep pets calm during and after a storm.


Traveling Safely with Pets: In the podcast, Dr. Phil McHugh, owner of Park Veterinary Hospital in Durham, NC, discusses the do's and don'ts of traveling with pets in your vehicle.

Rabies:  In the podcast, Dr. Jim Dobies, owner of South Point Pet Hospital in Belmont, NC, discusses how rabies is spread, how the disease is treated, and what protective measures should occur for both humans and animals.


Commercial Dog Breeding: In the podcast, Dr. Brenda Stevens, a clinical assistant professor at NC State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, discusses the harmful effects of commercial dog breeding operations, commonly known as puppy mills, and the precautions pet owners can take to ensure puppies are not purchased from these operations. 


Spay/Neuter: In the podcast, Dr. Sue Stephens, a veterinarian at the Animal Hospital of Clemmons in Clemmons, NC, discusses what questions dog and cat owners should ask their veterinarians before the procedure, what can be expected after the surgery and how this procedure can positively affect a pet’s behavior.


Pets and People Food:  In the podcast, Dr. David Linzey, a veterinarian at the Animal Emergency Clinic of the High Country in Boone, NC, discusses which “people foods” are safe and unsafe for pets.

Broken or Sprained Bones: In the podcast, Dr. Scotty Gibbs of Hillcrest Animal Hospital in Fuquay-Varina talks about what to do in the event your pet has a possible break or sprain. 
Caring for a Bird: Dr. Dan Johnson, a veterinarian at Avian and Exotic Animal Care in Raleigh, discusses popular avian pets and how to care for them.  
Diabetes and Your Pet: Dr. Scott Helms, a veterinarian with Veterinary Referrals of Hickory, explains diabetes in pets, its impact on pet health and how to manage the disease. 
Animal Ear Infections: Dr. Scotty Gibbs discusses animal ear infections, the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.
Euthanasia: Dr. Brenda Stevens offers help on deciding when it is time to say goodbye to your pet and the procedure involved.
Pet Dentistry: Dr. Kathy Queck, a veterinarian with Carolinas Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic, explains the importance of proper dental care in maintaining your pet's health.
Vaccinations and Your Pet: Dr. Chessie Green, a veterinarian with Falls Village Animal Hospital in North Raleigh, discusses vaccinations, which ones are required by law, their frequency and their importance in keeping your pet and your family safe and healthy.
Parvo virus - Dr. Brenda Stevens discusses this potentially deadly virus, how it is transmitted and what you can do to protect your pet.



American Veterinary Medical Association CEO offers advice on how to protect pets from heat stroke during summer heat waves

Building Bridges – Integrating High Functioning Individuals with Special Needs into the Veterinary Medical Community




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