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  • NEED HELP SELLING, buying, or appraising your veterinary practice? New! Sign up for our Buyer Notification by State on our website. For free consultation contact John Bryk, DVM or Bill Crank, DVM at 419-945-2408 or go to*

  • TIME TO SELL YOUR PRACTICE? PS Broker helps veterinarians sell and buy practices nationwide. We’ve been helping veterinarians for more than 30 years, and that's all we do: sales, acquisitions, and valuations of veterinary practices. PS Broker: Licensed Real Estate Brokers Nationwide, Certified Valuation Analyst, Member National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. Contact: 800-636-4740. Email: Website:*

  • BEACON PRACTICE SALES & CONSULTING OF SINGLE AND GROUP PRACTICES ● Appraisals for Corporate & Solo Sales ● Exit Strategies ● Mergers and Acquisitions ● Transaction Advisory Services. Contact 704-996-6866. Website:*

  • PRACTICE OWNERS…now is the time to sell! Whether you’re pondering an associate sale, open market listing, or corporate sale, Simmons will help! The current practice sales market is dynamic with buyers, and commercial financing readily available. Contact Dr. Doyle Watson at Simmons & Associates Southeast today, for complimentary, non-obligatory consultation. Dialogue will be informative and time well spent. As original pioneer of veterinary practice brokerage, we have been at this since 1977, so we have seen a lot. Let our knowledge, experience, and common-sense business judgment work for you. Telephone: 800-333-1984. Email: Website:*

  • READY TO SELL TO CORPORATE, an individual or your associate? Contact Practice Sales Advisors today for complimentary consultation. Get practice appraised in 3 weeks! Receive FREE practice appraisal from accredited CBI with practice listing. Contact Rebecca Robinson, CBI at 912‐268‐2701. Email: rebecca@practicesales Website: www.practicesales*

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