Southeastern ROAR Network

‘Reach Out, Advocate, Rally’


The Southeastern ROAR Network was created in partnership with the Southeastern Alumni Association. As a 501©(3) non-profit organization, the Southeastern Alumni Association can advocate more aggressively on behalf of Southeastern than the university can on its own behalf. The ROAR Network works in a coordinated effort to educate legislators and government officials on issues concerning higher education and our Southeastern in particular.



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Mission Statement

The mission of the Southeastern ROAR Network is to encourage support for Southeastern Louisiana University.

Why Join?

The alumni, parents, students, faculty and staff of Southeastern Louisiana University are all affected by state and federal decisions and policies. You can take part in the important decisions made by joining the Southeastern ROAR Network.

As a member, you can help by telling elected officials and other policy makers the importance of Southeastern, not only to our students and families, but to the City of Hammond, the Northshore region and the State of Louisiana.

“The Southeastern ROAR (Reach Out, Advocate & Rally) Network was established to engage our university’s greatest asset – our alumni and community friends – to bolster support for our proud institution and make certain our institution’s message is heard loud and clear. We cannot overemphasize the importance of your involvement at this critical time in our history.” 

         - John Crain, President, Southeastern Louisiana University 
         Beth Ebberman, President, Southeastern Alumni Association



    • To unite the Southeastern Family in advocacy on behalf of the university
    • To develop an advocacy program that enhances the positive image of Southeastern
    • To successfully influence legislation and other legal or policy changes to benefit Southeastern


Once I join, what happens?

As a Southeastern ROAR Network member, you will be among a proud group of alumni, students and community friends of Southeastern who volunteer to positively impact the university’s priorities of state and federal decision makers.

Advocates enhance appreciation and support for Southeastern through their relationships with these individuals.

Once you join the network, you’ll be invited to indicate any relationships you already have with elected officials. From time to time, you may be called upon to reach out to those individuals and voice concern, critiques or compliments regarding proposed legislation. 

You’ll find contact information for your legislators as well as those representing constituents across the state.

You will have access to information on bills with potentially significant impact on Southeastern that are being tracked by the university.