Vol # 2, Issue 10 - March 18, 2011

Many County Priorities Meet Crossover Day Deadline

Wednesday, March 16 marked a critical point in the 2011 legislative session as bills that originated in either the House or the Senate had to pass that chamber before the end of the day in order to receive future consideration this year.  

Many bills containing county priority issues successfully met this Crossover Day deadline.  Just as important, many bills containing issues of concern to counties were stopped.  The final ten days of this year’s legislative session will be very busy as the House and Senate must consider legislation that has been passed by the other chamber and reconcile any differences before Day 40.  The General Assembly also must finalize the FY2012 state budget.

ACCG would like to thank all county commissioners and staff who contacted legislators to urge their support or opposition on key bills in the last few days.  Your calls and emails definitely help to make a difference and reinforce information that ACCG provides legislators about the impact of legislation at the local level.

Following is a summary of the legislation that is of interest to counties:

Bills that did not pass the House or Senate by Crossover Day:

  • HB 71 – Restores Local Control Over Bicycles on Sidewalks
  • HB 73 – Authorizes Fractional Sales Tax for Economic Development
  • HB 76 – Creates Georgia Certified Retirement Community Program
  • HB 131 – Reduces State/DOT Fines for Polluting Georgia's Streams
  • HB 235 – Allows Sales Tax to be Used to Finance Convention and Tourist Attractions
  • HB 259 – Changes Motor Vehicle Taxation
  • HB 284 – Allows for Private Process Servers
  • HB 291 – Removes Authority to Collect Fees on Property Tax Bills
  • HB 301 – Doubles Exemptions to Truck Weight Limits
  • HB 321 – Allows Sales Tax to be Used to Finance Tourism Developments
  • HB 381 – Extends Property Tax Assessment Cap
  • HB 397 – Revises Open Meetings Open Records Law
  • HB 428 – Creates New Method of Annexation
  • HB 475 – Amends Development Authority Bonding Law
  • HB 487 – Expands Overloaded Truck Permitting
  • SB 27 – Illegal Immigration Reform - Expands E-Verify Requirements and Penalties
  • SB 188 – Expands Animals that Can be Raised as Alternative Livestock


Bills that passed in the House or Senate by Crossover Day:

(Note:  This is not a comprehensive list.  Please review the entire legislative update for additional legislation that is progressing.)

  • HB 87 - Provides for Illegal Immigration Reform
  • HB 92 - Shortens Early Voting Period
  • HB 110 – Creates Provisions for Developing Registry of Vacant Property
  • HB 197Limits Emergency Care Medical Services in Jails to Medicaid Rates
  • HB 228 – Continues Authorization for DOR to Distribute Unidentifiable Local Sales Tax Funds
  • HB 240 – Allows Local Governments to Modify Use of SPLOST Funds with Voter Approval
  • HB 256 – Creates New Method to Collect and Disburse Prepaid Wireless Fees
  • HB 265 – Creates Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform
  • HB 274 – Yard Trimmings in Landfills/Extends Solid Waste Trust Fund
  • HB 307 – Adds Burn Centers to the State Trauma Care Network
  • HB 415 – Creates Statewide Jury List
  • HB 503 Shifts Costs of Medical Exams of Victims of Sexual Crimes from County Law Enforcement to the Georgia Crime Victim’s Emergency Fund
  • SB 10 – Authorizes Sunday Package Sales
  • SB 39 – Allows for the Creation of Mental Health Courts
  • SB 40 – Provides for Illegal Immigration Reform
  • SB 50 Moves the Local Victim Assistance Program Fund above the County General Fund in Priority for Payment
  • SB 98 – Allows Counties to Decide if Guns are Permitted in Government Buildings
  • SB 102 – Revises Gun Carry Law
  • SB 156 – Removes Requirement for Additional E-911 Reporting
  • SB 157 – Makes Solid Waste Management Plans Optional
  • SB 191 - Creates Electronic Statewide Jury List
  • SB 234 – Changes Property Tax Assessment Appeals Process


Bills passed by the House and Senate and signed by Governor Nathan Deal:

  • HB 41 – Reduces Fees Paid to Superior Court Clerks for Appellate Records
  • HB 232 – Allows for Ethics Reform


The General Assembly has set the following legislative schedule: Day 31 (March 21), Day 32 (March 22), Day 33 (March 23) and Day 34 (March 28).  They are expected to recess the week of April 4 and adjourn by mid-April.  The pace will pick up in the next few weeks as legislators work to get bills moved to the House or Senate floor for consideration, so keep up with the weekly Legislative Updates and watch for Action Alerts.

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