Haralson County

Physical: 155 Van Wert Street , Buchanan, GA 30113
Mailing: 155 Van Wert St , Buchanan, GA 30113
Cities: Bremen, Buchanan, Tallapoosa, Waco
Phone: 770.646.2002 FAX: 770.646.2035
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Population: 28,854
Millage Rate (School): 16.830
Millage Rate (Incorporated): 12.420 - Millage Rate (Unincorporated): 12.420
Total Area: 0 - Road Miles: 0
Monthly Meeting: First Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. and Third Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. (Work Session)
Courthouse Photo:

Johnny Isakson (USS)
David Perdue (USS)
Tom Graves (US H14)
Bill Heath (SS 31)
Kevin Cooke (SH 018)
County Officials
ChairmanPoole, Allen
CommissionerBrown, Jamie (Jamie)
CommissionerRidley, Ronnie (Ronnie)
CommissionerRobinson, Sammy
CommissionerTarpley, David
AttorneyCain, Julie
ClerkPalmer, Alison
SheriffMixon, Eddie
Tax CommissionerMobley, Sherri (Sherri)
Probate JudgeHulsey, Edward
Court ClerkRobinson, Rebecca
RCNorthwest Georgia Regional Commission
Road SuperintendentMcConnell, Bill
EMA DirectorWalker, Brian
911 DirectorThompson, Cathy
Chief AssessorSparks, Hubert

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