FGCU Eagle Advocacy




Mission Statement

Eagle Advocacy is designed to engage the FGCU community to participate in advancing FGCU’s legislative agenda in Tallahassee. The society is designed to connect with people in the community interested in advancing FGCU, communicate with members and keep them up to date on activities of the Florida Legislature, coordinate our community into effective advocacy groups, and activate our members to promote FGCU and our goals to the Legislature and Governor.

Why Join?

Eagle advocates make a difference by persuasively telling the FGCU story and communicating key issues to the all elected officials. As an eagle advocate, your voice can make a difference to our state legislators and other elected members by providing them with value information at strategic times during the 60-day legislative session and thorough out the year. With your action and support, Eagle Advocacy will carry a strong message of the importance of higher education and the need for reliable state funding.

Become a member of Eagle Advocacy! We will provide you with the latest facts and information you need to be effective. Membership is free and only takes a few minutes to become the next Eagle Advocate.

“FGCU receives tremendous support in Southwest Florida, and I encourage you to join me as an Eagle Advocate to help expand and build on this support.”

         - Wilson G. Bradshaw, President,
                   Florida Gulf Coast University 


    • To unite the Eagle 'family' in advocacy on behalf of the university
    • To develop an advocacy program that enhances the positive image of FGCU
    • To successfully influence legislation and other legal or policy changes to benefit FGCU


Once I join, what happens?

As a Eagle Advocacy member, you will be among a proud group of alumni, students and community friends of Florida Gulf Coast University who volunteer to positively impact the university’s priorities of state and federal decision makers.

Once you join and become an Eagle Advocate, you will receive the latest information on activities in state and federal government that have an impact on FGCU. You’ll be invited to indicate any relationships you already have with elected officials. From time to time, you may be called upon to reach out to those individuals and voice concern, critiques or compliments regarding proposed legislation.

You’ll also find contact information for your legislators as well as those representing constituents across the state.


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