10/8/2016RECALL ALERT! Limited Lots of Cesar Dog Food - Voluntary recall by Mars Petcare; Plastic bits cited as culprit
9/8/2016RECALL ALERT! Voluntary Recall of Addiction Dog Food -
8/22/2016ALERT! 7th Case of EEE Now Confirmed in NC - Unvaccinated horses at great risk of contracting the deadly virus
8/3/2016ALERT! Sixth Case of EEE Reported in NC - Vaccination is the only way to protect horses from this deadly virus
7/3/2016 First Confirmed Case of EEE in NC - VACCINATE YOUR HORSES!
6/30/2016EHV-1 Found at Durham County Stable - 21 day quarantine in effect
6/30/2016Keep Your Pets Safe this Fourth of July! -
5/31/2016RECALL ALERT! Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dog Food - Small batch voluntarily recalled; excessive moisture and mold cited
5/25/2016Got A Horse? Time to Vaccinate, Of Course! - Deadly EEE and West Nile viruses carried by mosquitoes
3/24/2016Animal Welfare Hotline Established in NC - Under the auspices of the NC Attorney General's office

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