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The Bronco Legislative Network is a grassroots advocacy group of concerned alumni, parents, students, faculty, employees, and friends of Western Michigan University.

Why join the Bronco Legislative Network?

The answer's simple: To add your voice to thousands of others to advocate on behalf of WMU in our state Capitol! WMU is a leader in higher education in Michigan with an outstanding track record of success. We need you to continue to build upon that success!

Members of the BLN have helped shape state support for WMU by tracking legislation and communicating with Michigan legislators—the network makes that easy for you to do! How?

  • Through our monthly newsletter and legislative updates, the BLN keeps you abreast of legislation that affects WMU.

  • Include in your profile relationships you have with legislators and other state policy makers. Your influence is greater than you think.

  • Our mobile-responsive platform allows members to easily share their thoughts on legislation affecting WMU with Michigan legislators, and with us, via your cell phone or computer, and to keep track of those messages and responses.

How do I sign up?

It's easy to join—enter your email address in the field below and submit. You will then be prompted to set up a profile and to create a password allowing you to login and access BLN information and resources. 

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Invest 30 seconds to update your profile:

Existing members are encouraged to review their BLN record to ensure it is up to date--it takes less than a minute. Contact WMU's Government Affairs executive assistant to change your email address at (269) 387-2072 or write: 

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