Money in Retirement Accounts: Options, Problems and Opportunities

Start Time/Date: 1:00 PM Monday, March 20, 2017
End Time/Date: 4:00 PM Monday, March 20, 2017

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This 3 hour course (#52345) will update your license with 3 hours Life credit. 

This course discusses the "Retirement Dilemma" by providing an overview of the normal retirement funding instruments and the risks associated with each.  This course includes a review of the tax implications of the various retirement plans -- both Qualified and Non-Qualified, and a discussion conerning the "diversification" and "personal liability" issues surrounding various Qualified and Non-Qualified retirement accounts.  The course will assist in understanding what to do with money in Qualified Accounts (e.g. Cash It; Leave It; Move It; or Roll it) and will review IRS Distribution Rules regarding money in IRAs.  Finally, the course includes discussion on the Required Minimum Distribution rules and the proper use of Beneficiaries as well as the role of Annuities and Life Insurance in such planning.