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The Christian Action League has made some important upgrades to its email list so that more citizen Christians can be informed and engaged in the fight for a righteous culture.

First, if you aren’t getting the CAL Insider, you can subscribe today for free simply by submitting your email address in the block to the right of this page. There is no greater resource for keeping you informed on the social issues that impact our state – no greater resource for plugging you in. Periodically, you will also receive Urgent Action Alerts that describe some legislative or public policy initiative that needs your urgent attention or response. 

If you are a new subscriber to the CAL Insider, you automatically become a part of our GRASSROOTS ADVOCACY LIST. This list will match you with the lawmakers that represent you in the district where you live. You won’t have to look them up or research to see who they are, all of that information will be provided for you, making it easy for you to contact them whenever it’s critical for you to weigh in with them. 


However, you may have already been receiving the CAL Insider before the upgrade on our list was performed. In this case, we still may not have you on our GRASSROOTS ADVOCACY LIST, and we need for you to sign-up by entering your email address in the box to the right of this page and click the “GO” button. 

By doing this you will not receive two copies of the CAL Insider, but we will also be able to match you with your lawmakers in the district where you live – something we haven’t been able to do for you before now.