Join Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities


GCDD invites you to join our Advocacy Network and work together to create a better place for Georgians with disabilities. Here’s how to join:

Enter your e-mail address in the green box in the upper right hand corner to go to the Create an Account page. There you will enter your name and address and fill out your Areas of Interest which can include: 

  • Advocacy & Policy Alerts, which include:
    •  Calls to Action (urgent calls to contact a legislator directly by phone or in writing to support a bill, etc.)
    • Public Policy for the People eNewsletter (published bimonthly during the legislative session)
    • Advocacy Updates (advocacy related interests and issues)
  • Community News & Information (disability community topics and events)
  • Making a Difference (sign up to receive GCDD’s quarterly magazine online)
  • GCDD e-news (GDD's quarterly e-newsletter)
  • UNLOCK Alerts (cross-disability coalition that advocates legislatively for more community services - formerly Unlock the Waiting Lists!)   

Once you submit your information, GCDD will email you a password so you can login and do the following:

  • Track Legislation: Review bills GCDD is tracking at the State Capitol. The legislation is organized by category and topic to make it easy to find the bills you are looking for.
  • Interact with Elected Officials: Based on your address we will link you to your state and federal elected officials. Do you know a legislator? Did you speak with a legislator? Let us know by recording your interactions with elected officials and your key relationships.
  • Update Your Profile: Go to your My Profile page to change your areas of interest, add your business address or edit your personal information. 

If you have any questions, please call Charlie Miller at 404-617-9957 or email him at Charles.Miller@gcdd.Ga.Gov. Thank you for your continued support.


Nick Perry, Council Chair & Eric E. Jacobson, GCDD Executive Director


If you are already a member of our Advocacy Network you can login here.