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HB 2517 - STOs; qualified schools; preschool programs

Tracking Level: Oppose
Sponsor: Michelle Udall
Last Action: 5/7/2019 - Assigned to House RULES Committee
House Committee: Rules

Staff Analysis of the Legislation

HB2517- STO’s; qualified schools; preschool programs (Udall) OPPOSE

Under current law, preschool students are eligible to receive scholarships or tuition grants from School Tuition Organizations (STOs) only if they have a disability.

This bill expands eligibility for both corporate and individual STOs so that all preschool students can receive a scholarship from a STO.

=       To be eligible for a scholarship from a corporate STO, a preschool student must meet the definition of “low-income:” a family income not exceeding 185% of the income limit to qualify a child for reduced price lunches.

Scholarships must be given to preschool students enrolled in a “quality preschool program” that is accredited by a national early childhood development organization or that is rated at a quality level of three or higher by First Things First.

Students who receive a scholarship or grant to attend preschool are not eligible to receive a scholarship for kindergarten in a subsequent year.

For low-income corporate STO awards, beginning in 2020, the scholarship or grant limit is the same as for disabled preschool students ($5400 in 2018), plus $100, and increases annually according to a formula outlined in statute.

There is no maximum scholarship amount for individual STO awards.

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STOs; qualified schools; preschool programs


STOs; qualified schools; preschool programs

Introduction Date:

Tuesday, May 7, 2019