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SB 1399 - School health pilot program; appropriations

Tracking Level: Monitor
Sponsor: Tyler Pace
Last Action: 2/19/2019 - Senate ED Committee action: Do Pass Amended, voting: (8-0-0-0)
Senate Committee: Rules
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SB1399- school health pilot program; appropriations (Pace)

This bill requires the ADE to conduct a 3-year physical and health education (P.E) professional development pilot program to improve the ability of P.E educators to provide high quality education to students.

Requires ADE to establish an application system for schools to participate by submitting an application to the ADE (or a designated service provider). Selection is to be based on the following, as well as any other factor determined by ADE:

1.       Availability of certified physical or health education teaching personnel.

2.       The degree of support shown by the school principal for the program, demonstrated by a principal agreeing to the following:

a.       Providing time off and arrange a substitute teacher for P.E teachers during training periods;

b.       Having the school develop and implement an effective school wellness policy;

c.       Allowing student fitness assessments, physical activity monitoring, nutrition behavior reporting and BMI reporting to track child obesity.

d.       Allowing aggregate data, that protects the privacy and confidentiality of the sudents, for the school to be published publicly and provided for ADE.

States that in the event that appropriation is not adequate for all applicants participation, ADE must implement professional development based on the following:

1.       P.E school A-F workgroup pilot schools;

2.       Schools with grades 3-8;

3.       Schools with a substantially higher percent of students likely to be unhealthy or at-risk of chronic disease;

a.       Schools with below average funding per student have additional priority.

4.       Schools representing a broad cross-section of demographic groups and enrollment sizes, amongst as many urban, suburban and rural counties as possible;

5.       Schools that opt in to health and medical monitoring and evaluation in accordance with all relevant rules.

Requires ADE to issue a request for proposals (once approved, must select one or more before November 30, 2019) to contract with a provider for professional development services support for all pilot schools, and establishes specific groups it must be developed in consultation with.

Requires ADE to determine specific objectives and duties of the services of qualified providers.

Requires ADE, in consultation with the AZ health care cost containment system, to select one or more qualified service providers to implement the health, medical and ROI monitoring and evaluation for the duration of the program, no later than December 15, 2019.

Requires ADE to provide a limited number of grants to pilot less widely used equipment such as digital physical activity monitoring, and to select a service provider to develop, implement and support user-friendly information systems for the program.

Establishes that all materials used for this program shall be considered open source and in the public domain, and posted online in a user-friendly manner with no charge to the public.

Requires all service providers selected to report their findings to ADE before September 1 every year of the program and establishes the content of the reports.

Requires ADE to transmit a report of the findings from the program to the Governor, President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House by November 30 every year for the duration of the program.


Appropriates $4,895,000 from the state general fund in FY 2019-2020 to ADE for planning and implementation of the pilot program, to be broken up as follows:

1.       Up to $2,225,000 for stipends for the participating schools.

2.       Up to $2,225,000 to be paid to qualified professional development service providers.

3.       Up to $445,000 to other service providers.

Clarifies that payment for qualified service providers selected is dictated as follows:

1.       All professional development services providers selected will be paid up to $5,000 for each pilot school they service.

2.       $445,000 in total for all monitoring and evaluation providers of the program.

3.       Any remaining monies may be used for ongoing associated professional development follow-through and reporting.

Grants a stipend for each school in the program, as follows:

1.       For the first year:

a.       $1,500 for a school with 1 P.E. teacher.

b.       $2,000 for a school with 2 P.E teachers.

c.       $2,500 for a school with 3 or more P.E. teachers.

2.       For each subsequent year, $1,000 per school.

3.       May only use the stipend for professional development participation and implementation and reporting follow-through costs. After the first year, ADE may withhold stipend payments if the school is deemed not to be following through on the professional development or reporting.

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