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SB 1457 - Schools; improvements; turnaround plans

Tracking Level: Oppose
Sponsor: Sylvia Allen
Last Action: 2/21/2019 - Senate ED Committee action: Discussion Only, voting: (0-0-0-0)
Senate Committee: Rules

Staff Analysis of the Legislation

SB1457 schools; improvements; turnaround plan (Allen)

=       Changes the term “alternative operation plan” in current statute to a “turnaround plan.”

=       Allows the department to recommend a school district for a turnaround plan if 50% or more of the schools in the district are rated D or F.

=       Allows the department to recommend an individual school that has been assigned a letter grade of D or F for two of the last three years for a turnaround plan.

=       Allows the state board of education to initiate a hearing on its own if the department does not make a recommendation within 90 days after the letter grades are assigned.

=       Requires the department and/or the board to include the following in the recommendation or call for a hearing:

o   Whether the school district has previously participated or is currently participating in a school improvement program.

o   A listing of the school improvement strategies that have previously been used or are currently in use by the district at its D or F schools.

o   The extent to which the school district administrators and the district administrators and the school district governing board impacted the assignment of D or F letter grades to the district’s schools.

o   Information provided to the school principal or head teacher on the factors that have contributed to the school that has been assigned a letter grade of D or F.

o   A listing of the curricula, assessments and other instructional tools used by teachers in any of the schools assigned a letter grade of D or F.

o   A listing of professional development opportunities provided by the school district to teachers in the schools that are assigned a letter grade of D or F.

o   Whether schools assigned a letter grade of D or F have demonstrated reasonable academic growth.

o   Whether the school is or has been placed in financial receivership.

=       Requires the board to develop a list of governmental, non-profit, or private organizations that:

o   Demonstrate proven results in school turnaround or in operating public schools that have been assigned a letter grade of A or B.

o   Demonstrate above average growth for students who are academically below at least one or two grade levels based on state assessments.

o   Proved a narrative on the person or organization’s proven strategies for school improvement.

o   Does not have any financial conflict of interest pertaining to the school or school district that is subject to the turn around plan.

=       States if the board approves a turnaround plan, the board shall allow the district to choose an provider from the list developed by the board or submit an alternative provider who meets the requirements. The board may approve or deny the alternative submission.

=       Requires the turnaround provider selected to prepare a detailed report including a school turnaround plan that details how the school district or school will raise the level of academic achievement so that all of the schools in the school district are assigned letter grades A, B, or C. within 120 days of appointment. The plan must include:

o   A proposed timeline for improving academic achievement

o   A proposed timeline and details concerning how the turnaround provider will transition the administration of the school district back to the school district governing board.

=       Requires the state board to review the report and plan. If approved, the board may authorize the turnaround provider to:

o   Override any decisions of the school district governing board, superintendent, or both, concerning the management and operation of the school district or school.

o   Initiate and make decisions concerning the management and operation of the school district or school, including converting the school to a charter school.

o   Hire personnel, terminate personnel and cancel existing employment contracts, including the district superintendent’s contract, to the extent allowed by law.

o   Refuse to reemploy any certificated teacher who is currently employed at the school that is assigned a letter grade of D or F or may require teachers to interview to retain employment.

o   Attend any school district governing board and staff meetings.

o   Supervise the activities of the school district or school’s staff, including reassigning the duties and responsibilities of personnel.

o   Cancel or renegotiate any contract, to the extent allowed by law.

o   Apply for and oversee any federal, state, or local grants or other funding available to the school or school district for school improvement activities.

=       Requires the provider to present projected costs to the school district to the board during the 120-day review, and requires costs to be reviewed at least twice each year.

=       Allows the board to authorize the continued appointment of the turnaround provider if student achievement in the school district or school improves to a letter grade of A, B or C and may do so for all of the district schools or for individual schools within the district.

=       Allows the school district to petition the state board for control of the district or individual schools once the school or schools have been assigned a letter grade of A and B.

=       Allows the board to impose a transition plan if the state board approves the petition or considers alternative providers.

=       Prescribes that the board require turnaround plans to demonstrate all of the following:

o   The development of positive student-teacher relationships

o   A focus on achieving results

o   The use of formative evaluations.

o   The delivery of effective lessons and targeted intervention

o   Collaborative efficacy and instructional expertise.

=       Allows the board to take action for a district in financial receivership

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Schools; improvements; turnaround plans


Schools; improvements; turnaround plans

Introduction Date:

Wednesday, February 6, 2019