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SB 0220 - "The Georgia Civics Renewal Act"; enact

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Sponsor: Chuck Payne
Last Action: 3/31/2021 - Senate - Senate Agreed House Amend or Sub As Amended
Senate Committee: Education and Youth
House Committee: Education

Staff Analysis of the Legislation

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SUMMARY: LC 49 0440   LC 49 0463S (SCS)  LC 49 0508S  LC 49 0551S

On 3/29, the House Rules Committee stripped the language of SB 220, the Georgia Civics Renewal Act, and inserted HB 681, the financial literacy bill which is summarized below. On 3/31, the Senate attached the Civics Renewal Act to the bill. It is summarized below the financial literacy bill.

 The State Board would be required to prescribe a personal financial literacy course for students to complete in high school.  The course must include at a minimum:

  • types of bank accounts offered, opening an account, and assessing the quality of a bank's services
  • balancing a checking account
  • money management, such as saving, spending, credit, credit scores, and managing debt
  • investments
  • postsecondary education financial planning, such as calculations on debt management based on estimated future earnings according to career paths
  • completing a loan application
  • receiving an inheritance and related implications
  • basic principles of personal insurance policies
  • computing federal income tax
  • local tax assessments
  • computing interest rates
  • simple contracts
  • contesting an incorrect billing statement
  • types of savings and investments
  • state and federal laws on finance
  • cryptocurrency

Local boards must implement the program or provide it within the framework of existing courses in the 2021-22 year. 

Georgia Civics Renewal Act

A Commission on Civics Education, consisting of 15 members, is created.  The members would be:

  • one member from the Senate majority caucus
  • one member from the Senate minority caucus
  • one member from the House majority caucus
  • one member from the House minority caucus
  • one Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Attorney General
  • one designee from Georgia Chamber of Commerce
  • one designee from the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
  • State School Superintendent or designee
  • one other member as determined by the President of the Senate
  • one other member as determined by the Speaker of the House
  • one other member as determined by the Governor
  • two former or current government or civics teachers appointed by the Governor

The Governor would designate the chair.  Terms would be two years concurrent with the legislative terms.

The Commission shall periodically review the conditions needs, issues, and problems related to civics education in GA schools, including, but not limited to, career, technical, and agricultural education instruction for government and public administration and the law, public safety, corrections, and security pathways, and shall issue an annual report to the General Assembly, and recommend any action or legislation which the commission sees as necessary or appropriate.

The head of the Social Studies program of the Department of Education shall report annually to the Commission regarding the conditions, needs, issues, and problems of the program. The report shall include a statement of efforts the Department has made to inform and encourage local school systems to recruit and utilize supplemental resources from appropriate local and community organizations which promote civics and civics education as among their primary purpose.

The statute creating the Commission would be repealed December 31, 2028 


July 1, 2021 

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