Legislation Assigned to the House Rules Committee (4)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/13/2022

HR 0798 NeutralLow-Income Housing Tax Credit Study Committee Dale Rutledge
3/30/2017 House Passed/Adopted Rules --
Larry Ramsey Property Tax Revenue & Finance
This resolution creates the House Study Committee on Low-Income Housing Tax Credits with the purpose of studying whether the program is effective and necessary.
HR 0848 SupportHouse Commission on Transit Governance and Funding Kevin Tanner
3/30/2017 House Read and Adopted Rules --
Econ. Dev. & Transportation Kathleen Bowen Revenue & Finance Transit Transportation Funding

This legislation creates the House Commission on Transit Governance and FundingThe commission will study and assess the needs, funding methods and governance structures for mass transportation for any one or more metropolitan areas in Georgia. Appointments to the commission, made by the Speaker of the House, could include representation from counties that provide mass transportation. 

HR 1698 SupportUse of County Right of Way for Telecommunications Technology - Study by House Rural Development Council John Meadows
3/27/2018 House Passed/Adopted Rules --
Econ. Dev. & Transportation General County Government Roads Todd Edwards Utilities
This resolution urges the House Rural Development Council to investigate ways to streamline and make equitable use of state and local government right of way to expedite the deployment of emerging communications technologies while retaining local control of and fair compensation of such rights of way.  The Council is encouraged to seek input from the Georgia Department of Transportation, local governments and communications services providers on how best to manage the right of way.      
SB 0228 EvaluatingProhibits Improper Operation of Emergency or Law Enforcement Vehicles by Elected Officials Joshua McKoon
3/5/2018 House Second Readers Rules Public Safety -
Debra Nesbit EMS/Ambulance Fire Services Law Enforcement Public Safety and Courts
This legislation makes it criminal for employees operating emergency vehicles in a manner other than prescribed by law.
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