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Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/5/2023

HB 0529 EvaluatingAnimal Welfare - Illegal to Transport Critters in Back of Truck Karla Drenner
3/6/2017 House Second Readers Agriculture & Consumer Affairs --
Agriculture Animal Control Code Enforcement Criminal Procedure Farm
Forfeitures, Fees, and Fine Add Ons General County Government Law Enforcement Preemption Public Safety and Courts
Todd Edwards Traffic Enforcement
This legislation prohibits carrying live animals in the backs of trucks on Interstates.  Certain farm-related purposes/animals are exempted.  The bill also preempts county and city ordinances, as well as caps fines associated with, the transportation of live animals in the back of vehicles on the interstate.
HB 0885 NeutralBurn Ban - Revisions for Agriculture Use Tom McCall
7/1/2018 Effective Date Natural Resources and Environment Natural Resources and the Environment -
2018/03/2 Report Agriculture Air Quality Farm Kathleen Bowen
Nat. Res. & the Environment Preemption Public Safety and Courts
This legislation allows for the burn ban to not apply to those who would like to burn vegetative material for ag purposes on land greater than 5 acres. 
SB 0451 NeutralAgriculture Water Metering Larry Walker
5/8/2018 Act 483 Natural Resources and Environment Agriculture and Consumer Affairs -
Agriculture Farm Kathleen Bowen Nat. Res. & the Environment Water Quality
This legislation addresses agriculture irrigation that transfers the ag metering program from the Georgia Soil & Water Conservation Commission to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division. The bill also includes provisions related to the installation and monitoring of irrigation meters.
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