Legislation Sponsored by Al Williams (2)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/10/2019

HB 0925 OpposeMandatory Minimum Salary for Sheriff's Deputies Al Williams
2/15/2018 House Second Readers Ways and Means --
2018/02/16 Report Business and Occupation Tax Compensation Debra Nesbit General County Government
Health and Human Services Law Enforcement Public Safety and Courts Revenue & Finance
This legislation mandates that all deputies appointed by a sheriff be compensated at a rate equal to an annual salary of $33,500.  The bill also creates a grant program administered by the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) to assist local governments in the compensation of sheriff's deputies.  The grant program would be funded through a 1% excise tax on the sale of contact lenses and spectales for which a prescription of required.  The legilslation is accompanied by H.R. 1138.
HR 1138 EvaluatingCreation of Excise Tax on Sale of Contact Lenses and Spectacles to Fund Sheriff's Deputy Compensation Al Williams
2/15/2018 House Second Readers Ways and Means --
Debra Nesbit Public Safety and Courts Revenue & Finance Sales Tax-Local Sheriff
This proposed amendment to the constitution, if ratified in a statewide election, will allow the General Assembly to dedicate the proceeds of any excise tax imposed by general law on prescription contact lenses and spectacles for the purpose of funding wage compensation of deputy sheriffs.
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