Legislation Sponsored by Bill Heath (3)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/7/2024

SB 0025 SupportPassing Stopped School Bus Bill Heath
2/15/2019 Effective Date Public Safety and Homeland Security Public Safety -
2019/01/31 Report 2019/02/08 Report 2019/02/15 Report Budget Debra Nesbit
Law Enforcement Public Safety and Courts Roads
Senate Bill 25 allows drivers to continue driving past a stopped school bus on a highway with separate roadways only when the roadways are separated by a grass median, unpaved area, or physical barrier when the bus is on the separate roadway.
SB 0296 NeutralAlternative Cremation Method Bill Heath
6/19/2020 House - House Committee Favorably Reported By Substitute Regulated Industries Regulated Industries and Utilities -
Kathleen Bowen Nat. Res. & the Environment
This legislation addresses the use of creamation so as to allow alternative cremation methods to take place outside of a furnace, including the process called "Alkaline Hydrosis" (water cremation). See AJC article here on the bill.
SB 0357 EvaluatingAllow Firearms in Places of Worship and in Schools Operated by Such Places of Worship Bill Heath
3/2/2020 Senate Read Second Time -Judiciary -
Debra Nesbit Firearms/Carry Laws Public Safety and Courts
This legislation allows places of worship who operate schools to allow firearms on their premises.
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