Legislation Sponsored by Chuck Hufstetler (2)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/10/2019

SB 0184 NeutralCreation of the Integrated Population Health Data Project and Establishment of the Governing Board Chuck Hufstetler
3/21/2018 House Committee Favorably Reported By Substitute Judiciary Appropriations -
2018/02/16 Report 2018/03/23 Report Debra Nesbit Health and Human Services
This legislation creates the Integrated Population Health Data Project which provides for the integration of all health related data by various governmental agencies.
SR 0470 SupportTitle Ad Valorem Tax - Study Committee Chuck Hufstetler
1/8/2018 Senate Recommitted -Finance -
2017/03/24 - Report Larry Ramsey Public Works Revenue & Finance
This resolution seeks to create the Joint Study Committee on Title Ad Valorem Tax. The purpose is to examine the split of proceeds between the state and local governments. This resolution was submitted in conjunction with the Senate Finance Committee's changes to HB 340 regarding distribution of TAVT proceeds.
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