Legislation Sponsored by Francis Millar (3)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 1/23/2020

SB 0107 NeutralElections - Campaign Finance Disclosure Report Date Change Francis Millar
2/20/2018 House Second Readers Governmental Affairs Ethics -
2017/02/03-Report Elections Ethics General County Government Todd Edwards
This legislation changes the filing date of campaign contribution disclosure reports.
SB 0156 InactiveEqualized HOST - Amend Provisions Francis Millar
5/8/2017 Effective Date Ways & Means Finance -
Larry Ramsey Revenue & Finance Sales Tax-Local
This bill makes several changes to equalized HOST: 1) if it is in effect, then future MARTA rate increases are prohibited; and 2) items such as food and food ingredients sold to students and school employees, prescription drugs, food bank sales food donations following a disaster, and other items, are exempt from the tax. The bill also changes SPLOST so that when EHOST is approved by the voters, then the only authorized use of SPLOST proceeds is transportation purposes.
SB 0275 OpposeTax Assessment - Recovery of Costs and Attorney's Fees Francis Millar
3/13/2017 Senate Read and Referred -Finance -
Larry Ramsey Property Tax Revenue & Finance
This bill changes the standard for recovering costs of litigation and attorney's fees on ad valorem tax valuations. Under O.C.G.A. 48-5-311(g)(4)(B)(ii)(III), the current standard is if the final determination of value is 85 percent or less than the valuation set by the board of equalization, hearing officer, or arbitrator, then the taxpayer can recover the costs. The bill changes this standard to 85 percent or less of the value set by the county board of tax assessors.
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