Legislation Sponsored by Jay Powell (1)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/5/2023

HR 0164 SupportDedication of Trust Funds (Constitutional Amendment) Jay Powell
8/5/2020 Effective Date Ways and Means Appropriations -
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This proposed constitutional amendment authorizes the General Assembly to establish, by statute, true and dedicated trust funds whereby fees collected for a specific purpose must go to that purpose rather than be redirected to the state's General fund. 

ACCG has advocated for the General Assembly to dedicate the Hazardous Waste Trust Fund (HWTF) and Solid Waste Trust Fund (SWTF) for more than 10 years.  Click here for additional details, including the history of the HWTF and SWTF and the ballot language that will included in the November 2020 election. 
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