Legislation Sponsored by Meagan Hanson (4)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/5/2023

HB 0215 NeutralT-SPLOST - Cities and Counties May Issue Bonds upon Voter Approval Meagan Hanson
2/7/2017 House Second Readers Ways & Means --
2017/02/03-Report Kathleen Bowen Revenue & Finance Sales Tax-Local Transportation Funding
This bill amends the single county TSPLOST and clarifies that a qualified municipality can issue general obligation bonds in conjunction with the levy of single county TSPLOST, in the same manner as the county. The language of this bill tracks the general SPLOST law on this issue. The text of this bill was incorporated into HB 134 that passed during the 2017 General Assembly session.
HB 0660 EvaluatingProvide for Sentencing in Hate Crimes Meagan Hanson
1/23/2018 House Second Readers Judiciary - Non-Civil --
Criminal Procedure Debra Nesbit Law Enforcement Public Safety and Courts Training
HB 0904 NeutralRecreational Property Owners act - Effect of Charging Admission Meagan Hanson
7/1/2018 Effective Date Judiciary Agriculture and Consumer Affairs -
2018/02/23 Report 2018/03/2 Report General County Government Government Immunity Larry Ramsey
This bill would remove the immunity otherwise provided to owners of recreational property made available to the public if such owners charge anyone for admission. This bill seeks to overturn a recent court decision that provided such immunity if the specific injured person was not charged for admission, regardless of whether others were charged for admission.
HR 1429 NeutralStudy Committee on County Governance Meagan Hanson
3/27/2018 House Passed/Adopted Special Rules --
Form of Government General County Government Todd Edwards
This resolution, spurred by angst over DeKalb County's CEO form of government, establishes a study committee (made up of five house members) to examine the various forms of county government in Georgia to see which forms work better and are more responsive to the needs of the citizens than others.      
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