Legislation Sponsored by Spencer Frye (3)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/13/2022

HB 0235 NeutralSpeed Limit Posting in Urban or Residential Districts Spencer Frye
2/7/2017 House Second Readers Governmental Affairs --
2017/02/03-Report Econ. Dev. & Transportation Kathleen Bowen Law Enforcement Mandate
Public Safety and Courts Roads Traffic Enforcement
This legislation decreases the lowest speed limit that counties can establish on roads in an urban or residential district from 25 to 20 miles per hour.
HB 0277 NeutralIncome Tax Credits for Sound Recording Facilities in Less Developed Areas Spencer Frye
2/9/2017 House Second Readers Ways & Means --
Econ. Dev. & Transportation Economic Development Larry Ramsey Revenue & Finance
This bill expands the income tax credit for business enterprises located in less developed areas by including sound recording and film services.
HB 0556 InactiveAthens, City of; Clarke County; superintendent to make certain purchases; provide authority Spencer Frye
5/3/2017 Effective Date Intragovernmental Coordination State and Local Governmental Operations -
General County Government Local Legislation Procurement
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