Legislation Sponsored by Todd Jones (5)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 2/1/2023

HB 0457 SupportViolation of Seat Belt Law may be Considered in any Civil Action as Admissible Evidence Todd Jones
2/27/2019 House Second Readers Judiciary --
2019/03/01 Report Debra Nesbit Health and Human Services Insurance
This legislation will allow violations of the seat belt law to be used as evidence in any civil action as admissible evidence.
HB 0538 NeutralGeorgia Tax Tribunal - No Deference to Agency Determinations Todd Jones
2/19/2020 Senate Read and Referred Ways and Means Judiciary -
Larry Ramsey Revenue & Finance
This bill provides that the Georgia Tax Tribunal will make decisions without deference to prior administrative determinations by state agencies.
HB 0542 EvaluatingCreation of a Charity Care Exchange for Purchase and Sell of Charity Care Credits Todd Jones
3/12/2020 House Committee Favorably Reported By Substitute Human Relations and Aging --
2019/03/01 Report 2020/03/13 Report Debra Nesbit Health and Human Services
This legislation creates an exchange by which health care facilities may buy and sell charity care credits necessary to meet CON requirements.
HB 0696 NeutralForsyth County Community Improvement Districts Act; enact Todd Jones
5/6/2019 Effective Date Intragovernmental Coordination --
Local Legislation
HB 1142 NeutralForsyth County; creation or expansion of one or more community improvement districts in any municipality; authorize Todd Jones
6/29/2020 Effective Date Intragovernmental Coordination State and Local Governmental Operations -
Local Legislation
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