Legislation Assigned to the Senate Government Oversight Committee (5)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/13/2022

HR 1094 MonitorProperty; granting of non-exclusive easements; authorize Gerald Greene
8/3/2020 Effective Date State Properties Government Oversight -
12. All Courts
SB 0283 MonitorState Holidays; number of holidays; revise Tonya Anderson
1/28/2020 Senate Read and Referred -Government Oversight -
12. All Courts Elections
SB 0317 MonitorCounty Police; method for the abolition of a county police department and returning the law enforcement functions of such department to the sheriff of county; provide William Ligon
2/3/2020 Senate Read Second Time -Government Oversight -
SB 0409 MonitorPrimaries and Elections; permanent absentee voter list; provide Elena Parent
2/21/2020 Senate Read and Referred -Government Oversight -
08. Probate Courts Elections
SB 0444 MonitorEminent Domain; alternative process for a county, municipality, or consolidated government to condemn certain blighted properties; provide Harold Jones
2/26/2020 Senate Read and Referred -Government Oversight -
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