Legislation Sponsored by Jeff Mullis (8)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/13/2022

SB 0059 MonitorWiretapping, Eavesdropping; it shall be legal to intercept a wire, oral, or electronic communication if all parties consent to such interception; provide Jeff Mullis
2/6/2019 Senate Read and Referred -Judiciary -
12. All Courts Civil
SB 0223 MonitorControlled Substances; legislative findings; definitions; identification of a standard level of kratom alkoloids and establish recommended dosages; provide Jeff Mullis
2/28/2019 Senate Read and Referred -Health and Human Services -
12. All Courts Criminal
SB 0240 MonitorIncorporation of Municipal Corporations; no municipal charter shall be enacted where a portion of the proposed corporate boundary was ever part of existing municipality; provide Jeff Mullis
3/5/2020 Senate Read Second Time -State and Local Governmental Operations -
10. Municipal Courts Local
SB 0289 MonitorAd Valorem Taxation of Property; mobile homes procure permits and procure and display decals; remove the requirement Jeff Mullis
6/26/2020 House - House Passed/Adopted By Substitute Ways and Means Finance -
SB 0344 MonitorWitness or Criminal Defendant; certain proceedings conducted by video conference; requirements; provide Jeff Mullis
6/24/2020 House - House Lost Reconsidered Bill/Resolution Judiciary - Non-Civil Judiciary -
04. State-Wide Business Court 05. Superior Courts 06. State Courts 08. Probate Courts 09. Magistrate Courts
10. Municipal Courts 11. Accountability Courts Civil Court Technology Criminal
SB 0375 MonitorCigarettes and Tobacco Related Products; additional penalties regarding any person under 21 years of age; provide; definition of vapor product; revise Jeff Mullis
7/22/2020 Effective Date Ways and Means Regulated Industries and Utilities -
12. All Courts Criminal
SB 0436 MonitorPrimaries and Elections; law regarding authorizing nonpartisan elections; revise Jeff Mullis
2/25/2020 Senate Read and Referred -Ethics -
SB 0529 MonitorCarrying and Possession of Firearms; lifetime weapons carry licenses; provide Jeff Mullis
6/20/2020 Senate - Senate Read and Referred -Public Safety -
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