Legislation Sponsored by Rogers,Chip 21st (7)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/13/2022

SB 0014 PassedSuperior Court Clerks; personal property filing fees; collection/remittance; change sunset dates Rogers,Chip 21st
5/30/2007 Senate Date Signed by Governor Judy JUDY -
02. Supreme Court 03. Court of Appeals 05. Superior Courts 06. State Courts 07. Juvenile Courts
09. Magistrate Courts 13. Superior Court Clerks
SB 0016 PassedAnimal Fighting Act; change certain provisions Rogers,Chip 21st
5/12/2008 Senate Date Signed by Governor JudyNC AG&CA -
05. Superior Courts Criminal
SB 0038 PassedMotor Vehicles; registration of a vehicle; require driver's license/identification card Rogers,Chip 21st
5/24/2007 Senate Date Signed by Governor MotV PS&HS -
06. State Courts 10. Municipal Courts
SB 0043 MonitorFirearms; prohibit certain employers from prohibiting employees from lawfully carrying in locked motor vehicles Rogers,Chip 21st
1/14/2008 Senate Recommitted -JUDY -
08. Probate Courts
SB 0361 MonitorGeorgia Credit Protection Act; provide definitions; credit reports; provide method of placing and removing security freeze Rogers,Chip 21st
3/18/2008 House Committee Favorably Reported B&B B&FI -
05. Superior Courts
SB 0488 PassedDrivers' Licenses; allow foreign nationals to keep license from their home country; exempt nonresidents; meet all licensing requirements in Georgia Rogers,Chip 21st
1/1/2009 Senate Committee Favorably Reported MotV PUB SAF -
10. Municipal Courts Traffic Law
SR 0721 MonitorCourts; limitation on jurisdiction; appropriations by the General Assembly CA Rogers,Chip 21st
3/11/2008 Senate Third Read Lost -JUDY -
12. All Courts
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