Legislation Sponsored by Scott,Austin 153rd (7)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/13/2022

HB 0111 PassedDelayed birth certificates; petitions in probate and superior court; permit Scott,Austin 153rd
5/6/2008 House Date Signed by Governor Judy S JUDY -
05. Superior Courts 08. Probate Courts
HB 0116 MonitorSenior judge status; superior courts; leave office; provisions Scott,Austin 153rd
1/25/2007 House Second Readers Judy --
05. Superior Courts Retirement & Compensation
HB 0251 MonitorProsecuting attorneys; standards and duties; subject to discipline and sanctions Scott,Austin 153rd
2/2/2007 House Second Readers JudyNC --
05. Superior Courts 08. Probate Courts 09. Magistrate Courts 10. Municipal Courts
HB 0487 MonitorElections; primaries; voting; provisions Scott,Austin 153rd
4/20/2007 Senate Passed/Adopted GAff ETHICS -
08. Probate Courts Elections
HB 0579 PassedLandlord liens; definitions; provisions Scott,Austin 153rd
5/14/2008 House Date Signed by Governor Judy B&FI -
09. Magistrate Courts
HB 0716 MonitorPublic records inspection; certain requests may be required in writing; provisions Scott,Austin 153rd
3/27/2007 House Second Readers Judy --
08. Probate Courts
HB 0849 MonitorWatercraft; certain vessels; provisions Scott,Austin 153rd
2/27/2008 House Withdrawn, Recommitted GF&P --
08. Probate Courts Hunting / Fishing
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