Legislation Sponsored by Shafer,David 48th (4)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/5/2023

SB 0011 PassedSuperior/State Court Judges; performing ordered military duty; eligible for reelection; qualify by mail, messenger or agent on duty Shafer,David 48th
5/12/2008 Senate Date Signed by Governor Judy S JUDY -
02. Supreme Court 03. Court of Appeals 05. Superior Courts 06. State Courts 07. Juvenile Courts
08. Probate Courts 09. Magistrate Courts 10. Municipal Courts 12. All Courts Elections
SB 0012 MonitorBudget Act; periodic application of zero-base budgeting; analysis of departmental/program objectives Shafer,David 48th
4/4/2008 Senate Agrees House Amend or Sub B&FAO APPROP -
12. All Courts
SB 0305 MonitorEmergency Management; licensing of nongovernmental rescue organizations; revise a provision Shafer,David 48th
4/17/2008 Senate Sent to Governor PS&HS RI&Util -
05. Superior Courts 06. State Courts 09. Magistrate Courts Civil
SB 0312 PassedSuperior Court of Fulton County; judges; increase amount of supplement Shafer,David 48th
5/29/2007 Senate Date Signed by Governor LLeg SLGO -
05. Superior Courts Local Retirement & Compensation
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