Legislation Assigned to the House Judy II Committee (5)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 10/17/2017

H 0063 HighCitizens Protection Act of 2017 Harry Warren
3/14/2017 House - Re-ref Com On Finance Judy II -
Public Safety Taxation & Finance

Adds a penalty to existing law that prohibits municipalities from implementing policies, ordinances, or procedures that limit or restrict enforcement of federal immigration laws. The penalties proposed under this bill would withhold from violating municipalities the sales and excise tax distributions collected by the State for beer and wine, telecommunications, video programming, and piped natural gas. The bill also makes other changes related to identification of persons and criminal pre-trial procedures for undocumented aliens. (version 1)

H 0098 MonitorCrim. Offense/Vandalize Fire %26amp; EMS Equipment Nelson Dollar
6/30/2017 Ch. SL 2017-89 Judy II RulesOS
Public Safety
Creates a new misdemeanor offense for injuring, destroying, removing, vandalizing, or tampering with firefighting or emergency medical services machinery or equipment. (version 1)
H 0138 MonitorRevise Gang Laws Allen McNeill
7/27/2017 Ch. SL 2017-194 Judy II RulesOS
Public Safety

Creates new definitions for behavior associated with criminal gang activity and increases the criminal penalties associated with engaging in those activities. (version 1)

H 0325 MonitorAmend Arson Law Allen McNeill
6/21/2017 Senate - Re-ref Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate Judy II RulesOS
Budget Personnel Public Safety

Amends the aggravating factors listed in existing arson laws, adding law enforcement officers and fire investigators to the list of emergency personnel who, if they suffer serious bodily injury while discharging their duties due to arson, cause an increase in the class of felony committed. Also appropriates funds to create a resource position in the Conference of District Attorneys to assist emergency responders and others in arson and homicide cases, and appropriates funds to develop related training programs. (version 1)

S 0223 MonitorExclude Tiers 1 %26amp; 2 From JDIG Cap Jeffrey Jackson
8/3/2017 Senate - Re-ref Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate Judy II RulesOS
Economic Development
Partially eliminates the current cap for economic incentive awards from the Jobs Development Incentive Grant (JDIG) program, allowing grants to be awarded to companies locating in the most economically distressed areas of the state (tier 1 and tier 2 counties). Also ensures the current cap does not apply to projects that qualify as a “transformative project,” based on a high number of jobs created. (version 5)
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