Legislation Assigned to the House PR Committee (7)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 3/16/2018

H 0115 MonitorRetirement Technical Corrections Act of 2017.-AB Andy Dulin
7/20/2017 Ch. SL 2017-125 PR RulesOS
Budgeting & Fiscal Control Pensions Personnel

Among other changes to the laws governing the activities of the State Treasurer, reduces the procurement procedures required of governmental units to comply with the 2015 Iran Divestment Act (S.L. 2015-118); clarifies when payout of vacation leave is included in “average final compensation” for participants in the Local Government Employees Retirement System. (version 1)

H 0161 MonitorDivestment From Companies That Boycott Israel Stephen Ross
7/27/2017 Ch. SL 2017-193 PR RulesOS
Budgeting & Fiscal Control General Government

Adds an additional requirement to state and local procurement processes, whereby the contracting governmental unit may not contract with a company that the State Treasurer determined engaged in an economic boycott of Israel. This prohibition applies to contracts directly with companies on the State Treasurer’s Office list of restricted companies, or subcontractors on the list. (version 1)

H 0176 MonitorPensions Integrity Act of 2017.-AB Stephen Ross
7/20/2017 Ch. SL 2017-128 PR RulesOS
Budgeting & Fiscal Control Pensions

Gives independent investigators access to retirement system records for the purposes of reviewing system compliance with state laws. Allows retirees who receive retirement benefits from the Local Government Employees Retirement System to arrange for a portion of those benefits to be paid back to their employer for the purpose of providing health benefits. Requires the Retirement System to notify local government units of employees who will likely trigger the state pension spiking laws within the following year. Prohibits local governments that joined the State Health Plan pursuant to certain laws passed between 2004-2006 from electing to cover retirees in the Plan, if the local government did not make that decision prior to January 1, 2017.  (version 1)

H 0183 MonitorRetirement Admin. Changes Act of 2017.-AB Jeffrey Collins
7/20/2017 Ch. SL 2017-129 PR RulesOS

Makes technical changes to the state’s pension system laws. (version 1)

H 0284 Monitor25-Year LEO Retirement Option Gregory Murphy
6/29/2017 Senate - Ref To Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate PR RulesOS
Budgeting & Fiscal Control Personnel

Allows law enforcement officers to elect to retire after 25 years of creditable service in either the state or local retirement system, and gives the employer the option of offering a lump sum separation buyout to any LEO who leaves employment before that officer becomes eligible for a separation allowance. That payment may not exceed the total of the permissible separation allowance payments. (version 1)

H 0497 High Jonathan Jordan
4/5/2017 House - Re-ref Com On Appropriations PR -
Budget Budgeting & Fiscal Control Pensions Personnel

Directs a two percent cost of living increase for all retired participants in state-administered retirement systems, including retired participants in the Local Government Employees Retirement System. (version 1)

H 0651 MonitorState Pension/Ret. Health Ben. Fund Solvency Nelson Dollar
6/29/2017 Senate - Ref To Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate PR RulesOS

Mandates that certain portions of unreserved and unspent funds from the state budget’s General Fund be placed into a reserve fund each year for the purposes of funding retirement benefits for state employees. Specifies that some of these transfers would happen only after fully funding the state’s Savings Reserve, should that be established by law in this legislative biennium. (version 1)

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