Legislation Sponsored by John Fraley (3)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 7/9/2018

H 0009 EnactedAllow Election Day Service - Retired LEOs John Fraley
6/22/2018 Ch. SL 2018-25 SP RulesOS
Budgeting & Fiscal Control Personnel Public Safety

Allows county boards of elections to employ retired law enforcement officers on any election day, without causing suspension of the officer’s special separation allowance. (version 1)

H 0946 EnactedMooresville Deannexation John Fraley
6/25/2018 Ch. SL 2018-55 SLG I Fin
Annexation Local Bills

As the title indicates, removes certain parcels from the corporate jurisdiction of the Town of Mooresville.

H 0947 HighMunicipal Local Option Sales Tax John Fraley
5/30/2018 Re-ref Com On Finance SLG II -
Local Bills Taxation & Finance

Would allow the Town of Mooresville to levy a quarter-cent municipal-only sales tax for use on street improvements, subject to a voter referendum. Street improvements would include grading, surfacing, widening, or paving a street; acquiring one or more rights-of-way for a street; and constructing a sidewalk, curb, or gutter.

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