Legislation Sponsored by John Szoka (2)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 7/9/2018

H 0068 HighBRIGHT Futures Act John Szoka
4/21/2017 Ref To Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate EPU RulesOS
Economic Development Information Technology Planning & Land Use Telecommunications Utilities

Clarifies that certain Department of Commerce grants may be spent in support of broadband and its related components; enlarges the scope of existing public private partnership law to include digital infrastructure; and directs several state agency studies related to digital infrastructure, digital literacy, and workforce development. (version 1)

H 0589 EnactedCompetitive Energy Solutions for NC John Szoka
7/27/2017 Ch. SL 2017-192 EPU Fin
HB 589 is a major rewrite of the state's renewable energy policy that, among other things, would lift the state's ban on third-party leasing, allowing customers to rent the equipment for rooftop and community solar arrays. It would also promote net metering, which gives the owner of a residential or commercial property with solar panels a bill credit for the retail cost of energy he or she puts back onto the grid, and it would include a solar rebate program for residential customers. Additionally, it would mandate a study on energy storage technology for intermittent sources like solar and wind. It also caps the amount of third-party renewable energy that the utilities would be required to purchase. It would also require a competitive bidding process for new solar development, managed by a third-party administrator.
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