Legislation Sponsored by Stephen Ross (8)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 7/9/2018

H 0161 EnactedDivestment From Companies That Boycott Israel Stephen Ross
7/27/2017 Ch. SL 2017-193 PR RulesOS
Budgeting & Fiscal Control General Government

Adds an additional requirement to state and local procurement processes, whereby the contracting governmental unit may not contract with a company that the State Treasurer determined engaged in an economic boycott of Israel. This prohibition applies to contracts directly with companies on the State Treasurer’s Office list of restricted companies, or subcontractors on the list. (version 1)

H 0176 EnactedPensions Integrity Act of 2017.-AB Stephen Ross
7/20/2017 Ch. SL 2017-128 PR RulesOS
Budgeting & Fiscal Control Pensions

Gives independent investigators access to retirement system records for the purposes of reviewing system compliance with state laws. Allows retirees who receive retirement benefits from the Local Government Employees Retirement System to arrange for a portion of those benefits to be paid back to their employer for the purpose of providing health benefits. Requires the Retirement System to notify local government units of employees who will likely trigger the state pension spiking laws within the following year. Prohibits local governments that joined the State Health Plan pursuant to certain laws passed between 2004-2006 from electing to cover retirees in the Plan, if the local government did not make that decision prior to January 1, 2017.  (version 1)

H 0393 EnactedMebane Charter/Alamance-Burl BOE Exchange Stephen Ross
6/29/2017 Ch. SL 2017-82 SLG I SLG
General Government Local Bills
Revises the charter of the City of Mebane, in part, to incorporate various local acts pertaining to the City. (version 1)
H 0572 MonitorLegal Notices/Require Internet Publication Stephen Ross
4/26/2017 Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House RulesCOH -
General Government
Provides a procedure by which any public notice paid by a governmental entity that is placed onto a newspaper’s website may meet the notification requirements for print publications. (version 1)
H 0899 MonitorHistoric Rehab: Disguised Sales Stephen Ross
4/26/2017 Ref to the Com on Commerce and Job Development, if favorable, Finance CJD -
Economic Development
Clarifies that certain entities may be considered pass-through entities for the purposes of claiming the state’s historic rehabilitation tax credit. (version 1)
H 0900 CriticalSafe Infrastructure & Low Property Tax Act Stephen Ross
6/14/2017 Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House Fin -
Economic Development NCLM Goal Parks & Recreation Transportation Utilities
To achieve the top legislative goal selected by the League membership, this bill would allow all municipalities to choose one of three revenue-raising options, any of which would be subject to voter referendum. All proceeds from any option approved by voters would be used to construct and improve public infrastructure and facilities or for economic development or for both. The three options authorized by the bill, from which a municipality could choose, include a municipal-only quarter-cent sales tax, a prepared meals tax, or an occupancy tax (subject to a cap). The bill also authorizes two studies of other topics regarding limitations on municipal revenues. The first, conducted by the NC Department of Revenue in conjunction with municipal and county officials, would study property tax exemptions, exclusions, and deferrals. The second, an interim legislative study, would examine property tax benefits currently provided to nonprofit entities, including the amount of charity care provided by those nonprofits, the costs borne by local governments in providing services to those nonprofits, and the impact on overall local property tax revenues of the loss of tax base when nonprofits purchase and use previously taxed parcels. The legislative study on nonprofits may make recommendations for legislation. (version 1)
H 0904 MonitorNorth Carolina Rural Job Creation Fund Stephen Ross
6/20/2017 Re-ref Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House CJD -
Budget Economic Development
Creates a new economic development program that uses state appropriations as seed money to capitalize and match private funds, which in turn are invested in rural businesses via loans. Sets out parameters for the private investment funds, including required amounts raised, return on investments, number and types of jobs created, location of businesses, and repayment terms to the State. Appropriates $50 million for a new state fund that would provide the seed money for these private investment funds. (version 1)
H 0977 EnactedAdmin. Changes Ret. System/Treasurer - 2018.-AB Stephen Ross
6/25/2018 Ch. SL 2018-84 PR RulesOS

Among other changes, expands the list of felony offenses that disqualify an elected official from receiving benefits from a state-administered pension system. Grants immunity to members serving on the Local Government Commission for civil liability for monetary damages, with certain exceptions.

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