Legislation Sponsored by William Brawley (3)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 10/17/2017

H 0059 MonitorRevenue Laws Technical Changes William Brawley
6/21/2017 Ch. SL 2017-39 Fin Fin
Taxation & Finance

Proposes technical changes to the state’s tax and revenue laws. (version 1)

H 0514 MonitorPermit Municipal Charter School/Certain Towns William Brawley
10/5/2017 Senate - Re-ref to Education/Higher Education. If fav, re-ref to Rules and Operations of the Senate ED K12 EdHE
Local Bills
Allows the governing boards of the Town of Matthews and the Town of Mint Hill to operate charter schools within their jurisdictions. (version 1)
H 0668 MonitorClarify Political Sign Ordinance Authority William Brawley
4/20/2017 Senate - Ref To Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate SLG I RulesOS
Elections General Government Transportation

Allows cities to enforce NCDOT’s political sign rules on all roads within a municipality, including removal of signs that violate those rules. (version 1)

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