Legislation Assigned to the House PR Committee (7)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 6/15/2018

H 0076 SupportIncreases the Fire Rescue Pension Benefit to $175 Kyle Hall
2/9/2017 House - Filed PR -
NC Bills Pension
H 0176 MonitorPensions Integrity Act of 2017.-AB Stephen Ross
7/20/2017 House - Ch. SL 2017-128 PR RulesOS
NC Bills Pension
H 0183 MonitorRetirement Admin. Changes Act of 2017.-AB Jeffrey Collins
7/20/2017 House - Ch. SL 2017-129 PR RulesOS
NC Bills Pension
H 0284 Monitor25-Year LEO Retirement Option Gregory Murphy
3/8/2017 House - Filed PR RulesOS
NC Bills Pension
H 0340 SupportSpecial Separation Allowance Firefighters/RSW Nelson Dollar
3/14/2017 House - Filed PR RulesOS
Firefighters NC Bills Pension
H 0355 MonitorFirefighters' Death Benefits/Cancers Jason Saine
3/14/2017 House - Filed PR -
NC Bills Taxes
H 0966 SupportIncrease LODD Robert Steinburg
5/21/2018 House - Ref to the Com on Pensions and Retirement, if favorable, Appropriations PR -
Firefighters NC Bills
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