House JR (2)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 3/27/2018

HJR 0002 MonitorJoint Resolution - Nonbinding Opinion Question on Daylight Saving Time Norman Thurston
3/9/2017 House/ filed in House file for bills not passed --
Arie Van De Graaff Elections and Clerk Issues
HJR 02 places before Utah’s voters a nonbinding opinion question regarding Utah’s continued Daylight Saving Time practic
HJR 0007 SupportProposal to Amend Utah Constitution -- Active Military Property Tax Exemption Val Peterson
3/15/2017 House/ to Lieutenant Governor in Lieutenant Governor's office for filing -Economic Development and Workforce Services
Lincoln Shurtz Revenue and Taxation
HJR 07 modifies the time of service to qualify for a property tax exemption from 200 days in a calendar year to 200 days
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