Legislation with Tracking Level = Neutral (4)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 3/25/2017

HB 0014 NeutralUniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act V. Lowry Snow
3/9/2017 House - House/ filed in House file for bills not passed --
General Government Lincoln Shurtz
HB 014 provides a process for transfer of property at the time of death.
HB 0026 NeutralRevenue and Taxation Modifications Daniel McCay
3/17/2017 House/ to Governor in Executive Branch - Governor --
Arie Van De Graaff Lincoln Shurtz Revenue and Taxation
HB 026 removes the change in assessed value when a property comes out of greenbelt from property tax new growth.
HB 0055 NeutralGovernmental Nonprofit Entity Compliance Amendments Kim Coleman
3/16/2017 House/ to Governor in Executive Branch - Governor -Government Operations and Political Subdivisions
Adam Trupp Arie Van De Graaff General Government Lincoln Shurtz
HB 055 requires governmental non-profits to comply with some or all of GRAMA and the open meeting act.
SB 0098 NeutralExcess Damages Claims Jani Iwamoto
3/20/2017 Governor Signed in Lieutenant Governor's office for filing Judiciary -
Lincoln Shurtz Public Safety and Courts
SB 098 establishes a process for addressing personal injury claims to the extent that they exceed a statutory limit.
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