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Date of Last Recorded Action: 1/16/2018

HB 0015 NegotiatingMandatory Electronic Filing for Civil Cases in Superior and State Courts Wendell Willard
3/30/2017 Senate Conference Committee Appointed 46th, 30th, 19th Judiciary Judiciary
2017/01/27-Report 2017/03/06 - Report 2017/03/17 - Report Civil Procedure Clerk of Court
Debra Nesbit Public Safety and Courts
This legislation mandates all clerks of superior court accept electronically filed cases by January 1, 2018.  The cost of such filing shall not exceed $7.00.  The bill includes a hardship clause that extends that deadline for six months for counties who need additional time.  An amendment was added to the bill that prohibits the Council of the Superior Court Clerks, any state entity, or governing authority of any local government from keeping any portion of the fee.
HB 0068 NegotiatingConstruction Zones - Required Emergency Pull Off Andrew Welch
1/25/2017 House Second Readers Transportation -
2017/01/27-Report Econ. Dev. & Transportation Kathleen Bowen Mandate Roads
This legislation requires counties to provide an emergency pull off shoulder for the entire distance of a road expansion project that is wide enough for a vehicle to safely exit the road or to bypass traffic in a construction zone. ACCG is working with the author to address concerns.
HB 0085 NegotiatingForest Land Conservation Valuation - Appraisal Methodology Jay Powell
3/3/2017 Senate Read and Referred Ways & Means Finance
2017/01/27-Report 2017/02/03-Report 2017/02/24 - Report 2017/03/06 - Report Larry Ramsey
Property Tax Revenue & Finance
The substitute version of this bill changes the method of valuation of forest land conservation property by uncoupling that valuation from 2008 values as existing law provides. In addition, this bill creates a new appraisal methodology for valuation of non-covenant timberland property (defined as property with the primary purpose of commercial timber production).The Department of Revenue (DOR) will develop a methodology each year for valuing such property via actual income data for such properties. DOR is allowed to withhold a 1 percent administrative fee from assistance grants to counties, cities, or school districts. The bill is contingent upon ratification of an enabling constitutional amendment, HR 51. Local assessors and taxpayers would have the right to appeal DOR's appraisal methodology.
HB 0090 NegotiatingLand Purchase - Illegal for Board Member to Discuss if Conflict of Interest Robert Gasaway
3/30/2017 House Withdrawn, Recommitted Judiciary Non-Civil -
2017/01/27-Report Criminal Procedure Econ. Dev. & Transportation Economic Development Eminent Domain/Condemnation
Ethics General County Government Procurement Public Safety and Courts Todd Edwards
This legislation makes it a misdemeanor for members of the board of commissioners, city council, school board or local board or authority to knowingly and intentionally vote, attempt to influence a vote, or be present in executive or closed session when their respective body is considering or discussion the acquisition of property if the member has direct or indirect ownership interest in the property, or any business in which the member serves in a fiduciary capacity has an ownership interest in the property.      
HB 0144 NegotiatingRetail Pet Stores - Preempt Local Ordinances Earl Ehrhart
3/30/2017 House Withdrawn, Recommitted Agriculture & Consumer Affairs -
2017/01/27-Report 2017/02/03-Report Animal Control General County Government Preemption
Public Safety and Courts Todd Edwards
This legislation preempts counties and cities from adopting or enforcing ordinances that directly or indirectly prohibit the sale, delivery or transfer of a dog or cat from a properly licensed retail pet store or from imposing restrictions in addition to the requirements of state law. Many attempts were made to add this preemptive language to other bills late in the session.  All attempts failed. 
HB 0149 NegotiatingRequirement for Counties to Use Only GBI Approved Trauma Scene Cleanup Services Alan Powell
1/8/2018 Senate - Senate Recommitted Public Safety and Homeland Security Public Safety
2017/03/06 - Report Business and Occupation Tax Code Enforcement Coroners/Medical Examiners Debra Nesbit
Emergency Management/Preparedness EMS/Ambulance Fire Services Forfeitures, Fees, and Fine Add Ons Georgia Bureau of Investigation
Health and Human Services Law Enforcement Nat. Res. & the Environment Public Safety and Courts Sheriff
Solid Waste
This legislation preempts county and city governments from requiring licenses or permits for trauma scene waste mangemernt practitioners or regulated waste transporters.  When hiring a company to cleanup or remove trauma scene waste, counties and cities must hire a company approved by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.
HB 0152 NegotiatingWorker's Compensation For Firefighters Diagnosed with Cancer Micah Gravley
3/30/2017 House Withdrawn, Recommitted Industry and Labor -
2017/01/27-Report 2017/02/03-Report Debra Nesbit Fire Services Insurance
Insurance Mandate Personnel/Employment Public Safety and Courts
 This legislation allows worker's compensation benefits for firefighters who are diagnosed with cancer that, upon a preponderance of competent and credible evidence, can prove the cancer was directly related to their duties as a firefighter.
HB 0367 NegotiatingPublic Employees Privacy Protection Brian Strickland
2/16/2017 House Second Readers Judiciary -
2017/02/17-Report Correctional Institutions/Jail Debra Nesbit District Attorneys Econ. Dev. & Transportation
Georgia Bureau of Investigation Juveniles Law Enforcement Magistrate Court Mandate
Nat. Res. & the Environment Open Records/Meetings Act Probate Court Public Safety and Courts Sheriff
Solicitors State Court Superior Court
This legislation allows certain public safety and judicial officials to execute a certificate of redacted information that requires counties to redact the home address and telephone number of the public safety or judicial official and their relatives from the county's website or other Internet access point within the county's control.
HB 0399 NegotiatingEthics - No Longer Filing Campaign Disclosure Reports at Local Level Wendell Willard
2/21/2017 House Second Readers Judiciary -
2017/02/24 - Report Elections Ethics General County Government Todd Edwards
This legislation amends the Ethics in Government Act in many areas, particularly to charges, hearings and evidence before the ethics commission, and penalties for violations.  Of possible concern to county commissioners is that campaign contribution disclosure reports can only be filed on paper (for a $40 fee) or directly on the ethics commission's Web site.  Candidates may no longer file with their local election superintendent.  ACCG would like to have all the aforementioned methods available to candidates.        
HB 0451 NegotiatingExceptions to County Road Restrictions James Epps
3/30/2017 House Withdrawn, Recommitted Governmental Affairs -
2017/02/24 - Report Econ. Dev. & Transportation General County Government Kathleen Bowen Law Enforcement
Preemption Public Safety and Courts Roads Traffic Enforcement
This legislation requires counties and cities to allow vehicles weighing over 36,000 pounds or longer than 30 feet to use any county and city roads if the vehicle is making a delivery on the road, using the road as the route to make a delivery or pick up, providing service on the road, or if avoiding the road would cause the driver to go more than ten miles out of the most direct route. This legislation allows counties and cities to adopt a local ordinance that would make the driver justify the presence of their vehicle on a restricted road.  
HB 0489 NegotiatingAdditional Legal Organ Mandates Tom McCall
2/27/2017 House Second Readers Governmental Affairs -
Compensation General County Government Mandate Procurement Public Works
Todd Edwards

This legislation requires counties to advertise all bids over $100,000 in the legal organ.  Further, it requires all bid opportunities, including construction, over $100,000 to be advertised on the Georgia Procurement Registry.

While ACCG champions transparency, our long standing position is to allow more opportunities for counties to post notices on their internet site, rather than additional legal organ mandates, in order to save local taxpayer dollars.  This bill goes in the opposite direction.      

HB 0641 NegotiatingVoting Machines - Require Permanent Paper Record Scot Turner
1/8/2018 House - House Second Readers Governmental Affairs -
2018/01/12 Report Auditing/Budget Elections General County Government Todd Edwards
This legislation requires all direct recording electronic (DRE) voting systems purchased on and after July 1, 2017 (that's actually the date in the bill), to be equipped with paper audit records.  ACCG has no concerns if the State of Georgia provides the funding to meet this or other state-required voting equipment upgrades; however, the association opposes unfunded state mandates as one of its guiding principles.       
HB 0680 NegotiatingVoting Machines - Require Ballot Scan Voting Systems Scot Turner
1/11/2018 House - House Hopper --
2018/01/12 Report Elections General County Government Todd Edwards
This legislation prohibits, effective January 1, 2019, the use of direct recording electronic (DRE) machines for Georgia's primary and general elections.  Instead, elections must be conducted utilizing ballot scan voting systems along with electronic ballot markers - which leave a paper trail of votes cast.  Rather than dictate which specific systems to use the bill spells out specifications which must be met and all systems must be certified by the Secretary of State.  ACCG has no concerns if the State of Georgia provides the funding for this requirement; however, the association opposes unfunded state mandates as one of its guiding principles.         
HR 0051 NegotiatingForest Land Conservation Valuation - Constitutional Amendment Jay Powell
3/3/2017 Senate Read and Referred Ways & Means Finance
2017/01/27-Report 2017/02/03-Report 2017/02/24 - Report 2017/03/06 - Report Larry Ramsey
Property Tax Revenue & Finance
 This enabling constitutional amendment removes from the constitution the existing method of valuation of forest land conservation use, which is tied to 2008 fair market valuation. It also allows DOR to withhold a 1 percent administrative fee from assistance grants to counties, cities, or school districts. As amended by substitute, this constitutional amendment would create commercial timberland property as a separate class of property, which in turn would allow for different assessment of such property. The constitutional amendment, if ratified by the voters, will be implemented by HB 85.
SB 0002 NegotiatingThe "FAST" Act - Local Fee, Permit and Licensing Requirements Michael Dugan
3/30/2017 House Withdrawn, Recommitted Small Business Development Economic Development and Tourism
2017/02/17-Report 2017/03/06 - Report 2017/03/24 - Report Business and Occupation Tax Econ. Dev. & Transportation
Economic Development Forfeitures, Fees, and Fine Add Ons General County Government Mandate Todd Edwards

This legislation mandates that cities and counties which charge any regulatory fees (license or permit fees) or have any regulatory requirements to establish a schedule of such fees and requirements which must include time lines necessary for processing completed applications and a list of all documentation needed by applicants to meet regulatory requirements.  Upon receipt of an application related to any fee, the applicant will pay only 50% of the fee.  The local government must then notify the applicant whether an application is complete. Whenever the local government does not meet its deadline for acting on a "complete" application, the associated fees will be reduced by 10 percent for each 10 days said action is delayed.  Local governments are required to set up a second, expedited process for processing all applications and permits and must study how to share applicants' information with other local, state and federal agencies so that applicants don't have to duplicate filing efforts with other governments.  

For a summary of SB 2, please click here.      



SB 0162 NegotiatingEminent Domain - Payment of Assessors' Costs and Condemnee's Attorneys Fees Frank Ginn
2/14/2017 Senate Read and Referred -Judiciary
2017/02/17-Report Eminent Domain/Condemnation General County Government Larry Ramsey Mandate
This legislation would require the county to pay all assessors' costs, as well as the condemnee's attorneys fees, in a condemnation case where the total amount awarded is 10 percent or more of the highest amount offered by the county.
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