Legislation with Tracking Level = Oppose (12)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 12/14/2019

HB 2282 OpposeSchools; transportation funding; calculation Jill Norgaard
1/29/2018 House ED Committee action: Discussed and Held, voting: (0-0-0-0-0-0) Rules --
HB 2341 OpposeHomeschooled children; school buses; JTEDs Russell Bowers
1/22/2018 House ED Committee action: Held, voting: (0-0-0-0-0-0) Rules --
School Choice
HB 2377 OpposeTeachers' school supplies; tax credit Todd Clodfelter
3/22/2018 Senate ED Committee action: Do Pass, voting: (6-0-1-0) Rules Rules -
HB 2460 OpposeCharter schools; vacant buildings; equipment Vince Leach
3/27/2018 Chapter 85 Rules Rules -
Enacted Local Control
HB 2479 OpposeTPT; digital goods and services Michelle Ugenti
5/1/2018 Senate read second time Rules Rules -
HB 2502 OpposeTraumatic event counseling; public safety Paul Boyer
4/23/2018 Chapter 259 Rules Appropriations -
HB 2524 OpposeSchool facilities board; underutilized schools Todd Clodfelter
2/22/2018 House Committee of the Whole action: Retained on the Calendar Rules --
Local Control
SB 1083 OpposeSchools; recess periods Sylvia Allen
4/5/2018 Chapter 130 Rules Rules -
Enacted Local Control
SB 1152 OpposeEducation; appropriation; noncustodial federal monies Sylvia Allen
4/17/2018 Chapter 250 Rules Rules -
Enacted Revenue
SB 1378 OpposeSchools; bonds; overrides; funding sources. Sylvia Allen
3/29/2018 Senate third reading FAILED voting: (14-16-0-0) -Rules -
SB 1392 OpposeTPT; digital goods and services. David Farnsworth
3/1/2018 Senate Committee of the Whole action: Retained -Rules -
SB 1467 OpposeSTOs; corporations; caps; scholarship eligibility Steven Yarbrough
3/20/2018 House minority caucus: Do pass Rules Rules -
Green background on status indicates a bill has been acted on the last recorded legislative day.